Auldey Ares and Auldey Magnum. Signature yoyos of Marcus Koh.

(Yiyang Wang) #1

Hello. Last time I did a Magnum review, this time I am going to do the Ares Star review and then compare the Magnum with the Ares.
Ares Star
Designed In China
Made In China
Release Year 2012
Weight (g) 68.2
Diameter (mm) 58.44
Width (mm) 44.16
Trapeze Width (mm) 41
Shape Inverse Round
Body Material Aluminum
Rim N/A
Bearing Type Curved Bearing
Bearing Size Size C (Large)
Response Original
Twist-apart Twist-Apart
Spacer None
Bind Bind Required
Surface Smooth Processed
Maintenance Pad/Sticker/O-Ring Change Required
Auldey Ares Star is Marcus Koh’s 1st signature yoyo. It is very big and wide as we can see from the specs above.
The Packaging: WOW WTF. It is packaged in a GAINT box with Blazing Teens and Chinese written all over it, It has foam all around the yoyo to protect it from any damage. This is China’s over packaging at its best.
The look This yoyo looks menacing. It has “The god of war” engraving in Chinese on the side and “Kill Everybody” engraved on the side also. The center design looks like a Mercedes Benz logo with with a spike in the middle which is VERY pointy. It has a very solid blue to it that makes this yoyo striking. Plus its huge size it is a standout among all the other yoyos.
The performance The performance feels absolutely astonishing. I feel those packaging was not an overkill after all. The yoyo is dead smooth and spins literally forever. The weight is very well balanced with alot of center eight and alot of rim weight. It can handle any tricks (except finger spin cause there is a spike in the middle) with ease. It can also accelerate very fast if you put the work in to it. It feels however a bit too oversized but it somehow does not affect play whatsoever. This yoyo is a monster at aerobatic tricks, the yoyo does not like to tilt due to its sheer size and it is perfect to do aggressive moves. This yoyo can handle any high movement tricks with ease and more than that.

Designed In China
Made In China
Release Year 2013
Weight (g) 70.3
Diameter (mm) 57.30
Width (mm) 44.16
Trapeze Width (mm) 42
Shape H-Profile
Body Material Aluminum
Rim N/A
Bearing Type Curved Bearing
Bearing Size Size C (Large)
Response Original
Twist-apart Twist-Apart
Spacer None
Bind Bind Required
Surface Smooth Processed
Maintenance Pad/Sticker/O-Ring Change Required
Magnum is Marcus Koh’s 2nd signature yoyo, designed in 2013 this yoyo is for technical trick due to Marcus’s style change.
The packaging: It is actually under packaged it is a plastic box with 2 stickers on it.
The Look The yoyo looks absolutely amazing. It has 2 gold rings on each side and very nicely designed art in the middle. The red is striking but not too striking. This yo-yo is a tiny bit smaller than the Ares Star, but it is still HUGE.
The performance The stability is out of this world. I let multiple people hold the string when this yoyo is sleeping and most of them cannot feel anything at all. This yoyo is very heavy and solid Coming in with a weight of over 70 grams. The rim weight are not all the way outside and there is a lot of center weight. The yoyo is easier to tilt and it take a technical persom to truly bring out this yo-yos potential. What amazes me about this yoyo is the flow and the momentum of this thing. At 70 grams I thought it will be too heavy to move around but it isn’t It is still very fast and very solid and flowy at the same time. This yoyo is awesome at grind. Its process is super smooth, you can pull a finger grind and palm grind with ease. However finger grind is not possible due to the design in the center of the yoyo. This yoyo stands as a technical string hits monster. The stability of the yo-yo and the sheer size helps you go through alot of string hits with confidence and ease.
Ares Star vsMagnum
The Ares Star is built for aerobatic tricks with alot of movement, when those tricks occurs Ares Stars is definitively better than Magnum. When handling technical tricks it feels empty somehow compare to the Magnum, I lose that confidence to to a little bit less stability and solidness. The Ares Star however plays a little faster and it is easier to control. The Magnum however gives you the feel of confidence in technical tricks and the pure solid feel that is unmatched in any yoyo. Marcus Koh said Ares is for Aerobatic tricks and Magnum is for technical tricks. The magnum shows Marcus’s style change and progression he made as a yoyo player.


Can you do matador tricks, or whatever people call it, with the Ares’ spikes?

(Yiyang Wang) #3

It is possible, but since the spike is SUPER pointy. You will end up a hole in on your finger.


I can second pretty much everything he said about the Ares Star. Dead smooth, spins forever, and looks incredible.

Question: I have the pink one and it has black plastic propeller side parts. I read somewhere that the propeller on the blue one is metal. Is this true?



From your pics, they don’t look any more pointy that what SPYY used and my fingers don’t have holes in them. :wink:


I have a Radian Mk II and the Ares Star spikes are no worse. Probably better. I think it’s relatively easy to Matador with the Ares Star anyway.

(Yiyang Wang) #7

Yes it is it is metal. :smiley:

(Yiyang Wang) #8

Sorry and thank you everyone, as my friend did matador with it yesterday and I was amazed. :slight_smile:


Weird…why the hell would they put metal propellers on the blue ones and plastic ones on the pink ones? Doesn’t really affect play, but since the yoyo screws into the propellers I have to be more careful when unscrewing it. If one of those propellers breaks I’m screwed.

So jealous >:(

LOL…this site autocensors a certain word as heck. I didn’t know it was considered particularly offensive anymore. How quaint.

(Owen) #10

Are you certain yours are plastic? It might just be anodized and made black that way.

(major_seventh) #11

Hm I would think it’s also metal. That just wouldn’t make sense.

(major_seventh) #12

Yep! According to “another yoyo website” ;), on the Ares Star “The propeller detail on the side is a metal part, affixed to the axle.”

(Yiyang Wang) #13

That is it, I am asking Marcus Koh.


I think this may be reasoning for the Pink Ares Star being cheaper than the Aqua one. Just a thought though :wink:

(Yiyang Wang) #15

Marcus Koh answered, he said both propellers are metal. :smiley:


It’s possible there are multiple pink versions. On an overseas website that rhymes with Shin Fear, they sell three versions of the Ares Star, labeled Blue-S, Pink-S, and Pink. I’m not sure what the S stands for but I’m guessing “steel” alluding to the propeller. Maybe someone who reads Japanese could figure out the difference.

I just took apart my pink Ares Star. The propeller does not feel cold like metal. It’s also quite flexible. I’m confident I could break it with two fingers. It has no metallic sheen to it. Looks like plastic. Feels like plastic. Has properties like plastic. So I figure it’s plastic. The axle screws into the propeller in what looks like a threaded metal nut inset into the center of the plastic propeller. It doesn’t look like one piece.

Is the blue model propeller like that? Is it flexible? Does it look and feel like metal?

It would help if I knew what kind of metal the propeller is supposed to be made of.

There are packaging differences between blue and pink. It wouldn’t surprise me if Auldey released the metal propeller versions first, blue and pink, then followed up with a second run and substituted some parts and changed the packaging. But I’m just speculating.

By the way there is no price difference between blue and pink models. The blue ones are just sold out everywhere, probably because most males don’t like pink yoyos (I think it looks pretty rad though).

(Yiyang Wang) #17

Mine is flexible, but it feels like metal. Blue Ares is more expensive than the pink one.


Huh…on both of the major Japanese sites the blue and pink ones were sold for the same price. You can still check on the one I alluded to before, 13800 yen for all three versions, they’re just out of the blue.


The translation says one version is autographed while the other isn’t. Not sure if that means it doesn’t have,“Kill Everybody” or what.


Oh I see. I have a pink one and it has the Kill Everyone thing but I don’t remember an autograph anywhere. I’d guess it would be on the box or in the box if there were one. So that’s the distinction, S = signed…