What other hobbies do you guys do?

What else do you guys do?

Personally I BMX, ski, and collect toys, cameras, coins, etc.

I messed up my arm BMXing today, thought I’d share x)
Not for the faint of heart!: https://scontent-b-lga.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash3/t1.0-9/1504041_623187407773887_242620181_n.jpg

Calligraphy, fountain pen collecting, reading, writing (short stories and poetry), video games, badminton, and eating =)


Oh, my brother collects pens, got anything fancy?

Skating, and riding bikes,video games too.

Probably the only thing I’m actually good at in life is extreme skiing. I love collecting and reading comic books, I have quite an extensive Transformers collection, I build with Legos, I play the piano, speed stack, Playstaion, and work out. Yep. Pretty much my life!

Besides yo-yo collecting, I do a little leather work as you know. I also got interested in amateur photography, and have made some progress with that. I have a pretty good doll/action figure collection. They are all dolls in the likeness of celebrity music artists. I also have a good cube collection. Besides yo-yos, toy collecting has stalled. The figures literally dried up, and not many quality figures are released. The cubes were just all looking too similar and got boring. I still play with the ones I have. I play with my bass guitars, I produce (record) and write songs. I do a little gaming, but it has not been priority for a long time. I do a lot of my own handy stuff around the house. I spend so much time on it, I think it qualifies as a hobby. My house is one big “thing to do.”

Cubing camping canoeing white water rafting archery basketball volleyball badmitten and gosh lots more. Oh and i play lots of racing games on Xbox.

Ummm… I can drink water. I do that a lot. I’m a super geek if you know what I mean. I’m going to pax East in 5 days. I collect bottle caps, Bike Racing, soccer, fencing, and play Skyrim. Yeah, that’s me.

Play guitar, bass, drums, in a gigging band, ride Supermoto Motorcycles, softball (since I’m not young any more), volleyball, kick box, read about new scientific discoveries, learn new languages and play with my 2 kids (a lot)…

Oh, and run the Marketing Dept for a Language Learning company…

I play guitar, build and repair electronics, and have a couple of telescopes I use for astrophotography. I also have a wood shop in my garage for building this or that, along with a little furniture repair.

I’m generally pretty busy! Haha not much time for tv or sleep…


  1. Snow ski!
  2. Novice white water Kayaker
  3. Biking, prefer downhill followed by crosscrountry and lastly road biking.
  4. Trikking-yep with two k’s. What’s a trikke? trikke.com
  5. Hiking
  6. Cabinetry
  7. Spending time here.
  8. Dog training
  9. Climbing-not very good at it but it’s fun. I hope to try ice climbing next year but the problem is it interferes with my skiing. :wink:
  10. Snow ski-mentioned it again because it’s just that good.

Crafts (Papercrafts mostly)




Listening to music

Though I’d like to get more into drawing, programming, reading, and guitar.

Downhill mountain biking


RC car racing…electric

Having 5 kids

I play a little accustic guitar and a little bass guitar. I also play video games (who doesn’t?) I eally like to read books. I live on a farm so I ride horses and stuff(I don’t necissarily like it but I can do it).

And I like to eat food tastes so good. I also like listening to music and I’m an amature videoogripher
But video making kinda goes along with yoyoing. :smiley:

I don’t… :slight_smile:

Super Smash Bros (Melee and PM)



I don’t really have time for anything else because of school…

I do kendama, shoot air rifle,I shoot .22 rifle with the 4-H, archery, I play the clarinet, I write sometimes, origami, make my own jewelry/ wire creations, I study for Ham radio (soon to be a hobby once I get my license and pass the test and no ham radio is not the same as CB radio) I also swim, play video games and Yoyo (obviously) I also do a bunch of other stuff too.

Oh and I just remembered I do some archery during the summer aswell.

Magic a little bit, cubing, and bridge