What other hobbies/activities do you guys do?


I think people who get into and are interested into yoyoing generally have other unique hobbies or interests as well so what else do you guys do other than yoyoing?

I’ve got a few, any of you guys do any of these as well? My biggest interests throughout my life were probably pool, tennis, bowling, typing, and speedcubing

Pool/Billiards - got more serious with it about a year and a half ago. I probably invest the most time into pool out of anything right now. Not super great in the grand scheme of things, I’m probably a C+ player but I’d like to be a B by the time I graduate in 2 years.

Tennis - a little more vanilla but I played semi-regularly in middle and HS. I was ranked #1 at my HS but I wasn’t super great at this either, probably a 3.5 player.

Typing - Competitive typing used to have an online presence a little under 10 years ago and I got hooked on this for some reason. Probably my first big interest. As far as I was aware, I was the fastest typist aged 12 and under in the US, I think I was averaging a little over 100wpm at the time. I stopped a couple years later after I had peaked at around 130-140wpm(I guess that explains my big posts :stuck_out_tongue:)

Bowling - probably my biggest interest a few years back in HS. At my best my average was around 160, I"m probably around 140 now. PB is 236.

Speedcubing - newest addiction, got into it a few months ago. Averaging a little under 30 seconds at this point. PB is 17. Hoping to average sub-10 at 3x3 as well as learn how to solve it blind, sub-3 at 2x2, and become decent at the bigger cubes by the time I graduate.

I also casually play ping pong and chess but nothing serious. Been casually getting into skateboarding as well. Used to be decent at fingerboarding in MS too but I haven’t touched one in ages.

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  • Tennis: played throughout high school
  • Chess: I’ve played since like 1st grade, somewhat seriously
  • Ping Pong: very very casual
  • Video Games: currently played a lot of Rocket League
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I love making things and creating things. Anywhere from cooking and baking to woodworking to origami and paper planes.


make me a burger

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:joy: I’ll over night it to you

  • Tennis-played throughout middle and high school. Not that good, but I learned how to serve a nasty topspin. :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Chess: I know how to play, but I’m terrible at strategizing

  • Video Games: Played a lot growing up, still play a lot of handhelds since that is all I am able to play and easily put down. Pokemon is one of the big ones for me. I also love learning how to break games and abuse glitches.

  • Love to also build computers, but I haven’t been able to build much since it is way more expensive than yoyos usually. I’m currently saving up for a build I want to do this summer.


OK Mavis Beacon :keyboard:


i really wanna take up programming and creating little video game consoles like mintypi. portable wiis and homebrew nintendo as well


Such a weird thing to get interested in. Looking back I’m not really sure why I got so invested in it

I am thankful tho cuz it’s a super useful skill in the real world, unlike all of my other hobbies :joy:

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Speed Cubing Is Freaking Lit

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What is your speedcubing main?
(Mine Is the Yuxin Huanglong M)

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  • Kendama: just picked it up again pretty recently because of the club meets and it’s really grown on me. I have been playing kendama a lot more than yoyo recently.

  • Kendo: grew up doing Kendo. Don’t do it right now, but I’d like to get back into it soon.

  • Basketball: have played travel ball for a good portion of my life. Always fun to get some hoops with friends.

  • skateboard: just picked up skateboarding recently. I used to bomb hills all the time in middle school but my longboard got jacked so I stopped. Picked up a board recently. Now I am starting to learn how to Ollie and pop shove it. It’s a challenge but fun.

  • Video Games: been playing since the early ps2 days and have kept on gaming since.

  • Pokémon TCG: picked up collecting Pokémon cards from Japanese language school as a kid. Don’t collect as much as I used to, but I still buy a few packs every once in a while to make a decent deck. TCG online is pretty fun too.

  • I also collect stickers.


Plenty of homebrew out there for the entire nintendo family of consoles. No programming knowledge needed to get started. Ofc, programming does help if you want to make your own little applications for homebrew use.


I used the Yuxin Little Magic until sub-35 then upgraded to Gan 356x a month or two ago. I’m averaging about 26 seconds now

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Cubicle or SpeedCubeShop

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I bought it from SCS but it’s the stock version not the Cosmic

Currently using 4LL but Planning on switching to 2 look last layer after finals, hopefully that’ll bring me to sub 20 in a month or two

  • Tabletop gaming - probably the thing that occupies the most of my time these days after throwing. Wifey and I love gaming and have been primarily playing Eldritch Horror on weekends. We also have a copy of Gloomhaven we have to crack open. Other faves include Twilight Struggle & Spirit Island.

  • Video games - used to be my primary hobby in my 20s. I’ve really fallen off lately, though. Nowadays I primarily hop on to play Overwatch with buddies or mine void opals while listening to podcasts in Elite: Dangerous.

  • Miniatures painting - wifey and I recently started getting into this. We purchased the Reapers starter kits and some Reaper minis from a local game store that was going out of business. Really gotta make more time for this but it trips up my perfectionism something fierce :joy: :sob:

  • Magic the Gathering - never played competitively but really enjoyed collecting and playing with friends casually back in college. Fell off of it but really tempted to snag a few booster boxes of the upcoming set.

  • Fountain pens - a new hobby of mine. Invested in a couple of Pilot Metropolitans and I’m hooked. Also really just want to work on my penmanship; feel like handwriting’s becoming a lost art. Looking to snag a Lamy Safari and TWSBI Eco at some point.

  • Dominoes - it’s a Puerto Rican thing :puerto_rico:

  • Paintball - used to play woodsball in my 20s but fell off when my best friend tore both his ACLs and couldn’t do it anymore. Still got my Empire Axe stored away somewhere though I’d probably invest in a new marker if I got back into it.

Lastly, I really wanna try brewing mead or cider or something whenever we move out of our apartment and to some place with more space. Been following City Steading on YouTube and really wanna try some of their recipes/methods.

I can definitely understand this. My buddies and I used to have typing races when we were bored and it was actually kinda awesome. I was never really good (70-80 wpm average, 100-110 wpm peak) but we always had fun.


70wpm’s really good! The fastest person I’ve ever raced in person was about 80-90wpm so I’m definitely an outlier. Even in the typing community I was one of the fastest for my age the first 2-3 years. Once I hit 14-15 years old though people started catching up and I was never able to get fast enough to get to the elite adult typists that were doing 150-160+


Haha thanks! I can’t imagine being able to type 150+. One of my friends does transcription work and I’m pretty sure she can reach 150 wpm when she really gets going.

She also used to favor clicky switches (think MX Blues for awhile) and bottoms out a lot since she grew up on those old IBM buckling springs so she’d just sound like a machine gun :laughing:


Outside of yoyo, I also love visiting theme parks/riding coasters. I also enjoy building virtual theme parks in Planet Coaster (PC Game) and either build something realistic or build some death contraption that subjects my park patrons to 100’s of G’s :slight_smile:

I also love photographing roller coasters and amusement parks and even though I see it as a hobby, I also get to do it on a professional level. If I’m not taking photos for the park I work at, I’m taking my own personal photos to share on my somewhat stagnant Instagram Account.

And if I’m not throwing or visiting parks, I am likely playing video games, both old and new. Love some retro games and arcade games.