Other than yoyoing, what hobbies do you have?

I like to spend exorbitant amounts on poi and mechanical keyboards/keycaps. www.geekhack.org or www.homeofpoi.com to see what I’m talking about. I could use cheaper hobbies…

I like to spend exorbitant amounts on poi and mechanical keyboards/keycaps. www.geekhack.org or www.homeofpoi.com to see what I’m talking about. I could use cheaper hobbies…

I bowl a lot over the summers. I should probably get my own bowling ball sometime though since I started doing hooks this summer :smiley:

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I haven’t been bowling in ages! I remember not being particularly good at it but that goes for anything without practice haha. Then again practice doesn’t always make perfect. http://www.fastcodesign.com/3027564/asides/scientists-debunk-the-myth-that-10000-hours-of-practice-makes-you-an-expert at least not if you want to be “elite”. BTW mods I just noticed I put this in wrong forum. If a mod sees this please move, sorry!

I skate pools, surf and paddleboard, study aikido and iaido, play a lot of ukulele and upright bass, and am constantly trying to improve at chess. Plus I’m always driving my kids to THEIR favorite activities… So yeah, busy.

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I do 10pin bowling a lot and play in leagues I wreck pretty hard at that.
Also, classical guitar .

I used to surf occasionally when I lived on the coast but now I’m living in Central FL and the closest beach is the lame excuse for one that’s daytona/ormond. I don’t think I’ve ever had the opportunity to speak with someone that plays the Ukulele, you seem to like keeping your hands full lol. As for kids? Not for this guy but I know it’s unconditional wanting to make your kids happy and let them experience life. Please tell me you got a video tearing the Ukelele up though(figuratively speaking).

Programming, Entomology, Reading, Writing, Video Games, Stop Motion Animations, Drawing.

a few bowlers around here, huh? I thought maybe I’d bump into a couple of Poi spinners out there, the yoyo to me is just another extension of flow props.

A lot of valuable skills mixed in there mate. Wouldn’t happen to play Hearthstone would you? lol I need a friend to complain how much zoo decks suck to. Stop motion is wicked btw, I did some in high school for a film editting elective and it is tedious as hell but very rewarding seeing the final work.

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Any style of guitar really. Classical, rock, jazz, you name it I can (or will learn to I can’t play anything at anytime) play it.


Kendama, Spin Top




Video games
build/fix computers
Disc golf
Buying guitar stuff
buying steam games
listen to high fidelity music
jam with my band
buy more guitar stuff
needlessly reassemble and rearrange parts on old desktops
Buy discs
Make portal references
cry when no one gets them irl
dont actually cry
browse reddit
browse 4chan
be scarred for life from 4chan

Seriously though, I play guitar, hockey, videogames, and disc golf

Oh reddit and 4chan :smiley:

I didn’t know reddit was a Hobby. Add that to my list.

ahahaha thanks for the laughs. I day trade cryptocurrency and enjoy fixing computers/laptops/phones/tablets/monitors in my spare time as well. Love my rig almost as much as my girl. Been playing a lot of Hearthstone recently (hoping to someday play competitively) and also spend a lot of time trying to catch up on my steam library (a somewhat hopeless task).

LOL I’m against the wall whether it is or not.

No problem. I actually have a friend who Hopelessly mines Dogecoin overnight on his Nvidia Laptop that he already had. I can also agree with you, catching up on my Steam library is quite hopeless. I have quite a few series I need to finish before summer is over:
1/2 of the Witcher 2
1/2 of Assassins Creed 2, plus all the rest through Revelations
The entire Mass Effect trilogy
Both Metro games
1/2 of Arkham City
1/2 of Far Cry 3
Half Life series
Dead Space 1+2
Borderlands 2

I think it totals to about 200 hours minimum, give or take about 20.

Luxury mechanical watches:

Reef Aquariums:


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I enjoy bicycling and absolutely love tea.

I mined Doge back in January and made a killing, it’s unprofitable to mine anymore, I stopped like 2 months ago or so but it was fun while it lasted. I try not to set a schedule on games or else I just disappoint myself but I actually need to complete a few in your list myself, namely the rest of Witcher 2 but I may put that off until a month before 3 comes out at this rate lol