hobbies (other than yoyoing)

what else do you do with your time when your not yoyoing? I enjoy wasting time on the web (usually around here on the forums ;D) playing games, or hanging out with friends and family. I’m also a budding computer tech with 2 certifications in the field 8)

my hobbies are: crochet, cooking, video games, bass guitar, and chess club but I ain’t that good at all.

Spin Tops, Bass guitar, Guild Wars, and playing beyblades w/ my kids

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RC cars. Mainly Traxxas products.

This one was when we had a ginger bread village go stale and I got creative

I fingerboard now and then, and play some video games.

I playjazz guitar. Sing. Juggle. Play tuba, trumpet. Make music. Play video games. Cook. And actually really enjoy mowing the lawn.

same here, traxxas stampede:) also picked up a hpi baja 5b! SWEET!!

Long walks on the beach, quiet time relaxing by the fireplace… :wink:

Skateboarding, snowboarding, playing guitar, soccer, wrestling.

Basketball,spin top and the forums

I collect comic books and transformers. I also like getting tattoos.4x4ing through mud, snow, and rocks with my Jeep

As 90% of ppl on here know, I also spend a lot of time writing music and performing with my band, The Zombie Chops. I also play bass in The Chase Walker Band. I’m not even gonna bother listing all the instruments I can play.

I modify clothing and leather. I play DCUO as much as I can too.

Im also a full-time fiancé

vid. games
some skateboarding

hmm there are soooo many things I like to do…I’m in an amazing choir and love it! I also love cooking, writing, taking pictures, going for walks, driving (lol), looking through my telescope, researching…I goof off a lot on the internet. well pretty much I’m enjoy most anything because a lot of stuff interests me,so I just like enjoying myself with who I’m with and making them happy too. Gosh, maybe I actually have very few hobbies that could really be called that. :-\

I also skateboard bowls and pools

I sprout wings and fly… I wish…

I juggle and cube, but I’m not really that good at them. :stuck_out_tongue:

Juggling. Diabolo (My first love). Counterstrike. Shooting my potato gun. Play a bit of bass in a band.


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My hobbies are: Obviously yoyo’s, spin tops, Film, Music (I play in a pop/rock band and listen to everything but lately dubstep, computer games, computer graphics (my major), art, entrepreneurship (I own a restaurant/bar), marketing. I used to play guitar/bass and drums… not much anymore.