i am making this because i feel like asking what hobbies do you have other than doing yoyos. so what are your hobbies? my hobbies other than yoyos are magic tricks, origami, diablos, string figures, tying knots, solving puzzles (especially rubiks cubes), pen spinning, spin tops, and kendama (but i dont do much kendama.

Mine is music, building things ,kendama, skateboarding and anything skill toy like i also play some video games and a sport but I’m thinking about dropping my sport to focus on yoyo so i can compete

cool i kind of dropped my hobbies to do yoyoing but i still do them sometimes

Cubing (a bit), collecting figures (rarely these days…nothing new that’s good), writing songs & producing music (using sound modules and playing bass guitar), cooking (especially charcoal grilling), photography (amateur stuff messing around), D.I.Y handywork around the house (small projects that save me money). I watch a lot of documentaries and rockumentaries. Gaming (very little and usually Fight Night specific). That pretty much sums it up.

At the moment my life is Yoyoing and Cubing. More so Cubing for now since competition season is over for yoyoing at the moment.

I dj, play some esports (league, shootmania when theres people) and pretend to be an animal online. :smiley:

I made a thread like this, people said cubing,guns,knifes,sports, and some working out.

I do rock climbing, a tiny bit of kendma if my dog didn’t chew it up. Wire jewelry making, cooking, being outside, making YouTube videos, playing minecraft, origami, drawing (mostly abstract) playing my clarinet, playing on my IPod, shooting small bore .22 rifle and air rifle.

I wish i lived in your neighborhood :’(

TA, did you ever collect KidRobot figures?

Music (I play bass), poker, games (board and card), pinball, target shooting, just bought jet skis, so I’ll be doing that more in the spring, running my own business.

My biggest social hobby is poker though. My biggest time commitment is starting up my own business. Everything else fills in the cracks.

I know this might sound REALLY weird… my hobby is yo-yoing. Most of you probably don’t know what this is, but it’s very important to me.

Sorry I noticed this so late Big Cat. :slight_smile: The figures I collect are all music related. I have a little home studio set up at home to record music, and I wanted the figures to sort of decorate the studio a bit, and that’s how it started. But, I have not found a good way to display them yet, so they remain new in box mostly. I have figures of all kinds of people, RUN DMC, Rolling Stones, Metallica, Michael Jackson, Eminem, Tupac, Cindy Lauper, Ozzy Osbourne, John Lennon, Elvis, Jimi Hendrix, and the list goes on and on. So, I don’t have like transformers, or Spawn or KidRobot and such…only music stuff. :wink:

What the… Like gansters? How they be like " yo yo yoooo"?
You should start a yoyofactory and spread the word about “yo-yo”

i asume that the main hobby of everyone who is on this forum is yoyoing. some people have more than one hobby so i was curious what hobbies people have.

I go to the gym everyday, paintball if I find the time, and race cars during the season (1/4 mile)

I play golf and spend too much money on car parts.

I like to unicycle play hockey pogo stick fly fish and normal fish. I like to longboard and that’s about it

Power Rangers

Dirtbiking nitro rc some big game hunting (mainly deer) wakeboarding snowboarding yoyoing :wink: playing card games(rook black thirteen five crowns and spoon)