Other hobbies other than Yo-Yo'ing?

Other than Yo-yo’ing, I am a photography hobbyist. I also started picking up Gundam Wing model kits to build for fun.

I practice magic (sleight of hand), guitar, I video game and I also am trying to learn Japanese besides my normal hobby of yoyoing

my hobbies are…

-yoyoing (duh)
-sitting alone in my room just thinking about random stuff
-writing short stories
-when i get a camera, making youtube videos
-kendama (im bad, but its fun)
-actively avoiding talking to non-yoyoers, which in my town is pretty hard because there are at most 3-4 yoyoers in Olathe, Kansas including me
-playing with my dog
-the wolf among us
-any other steam game i own

Same here! Whadda you play? I compose a lot of stuff (mainly just chord progressions–love major 7ths and diminished 5ths) Love Radiohead.

Kendama seems to be a popular hobby among people that yoyo. I myself have picked up on it. I’m not good at it but it’s fun and challenging!

yoyoing, poem rap stuff, being a fat @$$ for the summer, metriod and other video games.

Synthesizers, drum machines, coding, video games, fishing, gardening, building things…

I play both acoustic and electric. A lot of motion city soundtrack and Falling in reverse.

I’m an avid amusement park enthusiast and am a member of the American Coasters Enthusiasts club. I frequently design virtual roller coasters with a nifty program called NoLimits, here’s one of my virtual replicas of one of my favorite real-life coasters.

As Bob Dylan once said, “It’s getting dark, too dark to see.”
Was that by design?

darts, pool, fishing, shooting, cigar box’s, juggling, astro jax, pen spinning, contact juggling, spin tops, kendama, cycling, working on bicycles, Rc cars.

Pointing out redundancies in forum topic titles, mostly.

We should start an online band somehow. We will be popular fast.

Virtual band? Think that’s been done:

Oh well, was just a thought.

You been to Karowinds since they’ve added Fury 325?

Music (Making and listenng. Bums me out that people don’t like just sitting and listening to an album anymore.)

Games. That new batman is bomb.

Fishing. Saltwater/flats fishing.

And sitting alone thinking about stuff.

Drinking water. I like drinking water.

Also I have a time machine I use sometimes. It can only go into the future though. It’s called Minecraft.

You should go into the future, get the top ten hits of 2020, come back produce them as your own and you will be set!!

Think, if you figure out how to use the backwards time travel function in Minecraft we can use my forward time travel function. Deal? :stuck_out_tongue:

trail riding on bikes
steam games
and does sleeping and eating count… i do alot of that…