What One??

im looking at these yoyos
can you please tell me a little bit about each of them??
i think i like dv888 and c13
so mainly which one is better out of dv and c13???

im sooooo confused and we are ordering tomorow!!!
ps which one is bigger
c13 or DV888?
Reply ASAP

Get a dv888. 8)

LD1996, you really need to stop making new threads on this. If you’re going to continue asking questions, please use one of your other threads.


If you really have no preferences, just imagine yourself playing it and try to select the one that “feels” most comfortable.

Apetrunk is right. Seriously, you need to stop, LD1996.

Agreed. LD1996, if you just buy the dv888, you will love it! Just buy it now and stop asking questions. BTW, I didn’t really like the C13 that much. dv888 FTW!

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I have a good idea. Anytime you are thinking about buying a yoyo just go look at the reviews. They tell you everything your asking accept for which one to buy. They will give you enough information to make YOUR own choice. That is why people review yoyo’s. So stop making threads like this and do a little work for yourself. Its really easy. Eventually you will know what shapes are good and what you like. Then you’ll be saying the same thing to other new guy’s.

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well said

If it is this hard for you to choose a yoyo right now, do not get a yoyo. You don’t know what you like, and will probably make a bad decision.

He needs to get one some time or other. If he does make a bad decision, he will learn from his mistakes and he could just trade it if he doesn’t like it. But I do agree that he should stop making new threads.

Also, didnt you JUST buy a PGM?

I’m pretty sure he was going to and then started changing his mind.

if u can bind and have the money, then u should buy a cheap metal or a metal rimmed yyj. if not then get a plastic yyj to learn cause when u learn to bind,(or at least me) you hit the floor a LOT.

please don’t make these posts anymore!!! it is so annoying!!!

for your skill, those are wayyyy too good for you. just get a Legacy!!!

I’m going to tell you to get a DV888.

The shape on the C13 is very bizarre and can be uncomfortable if you don’t have much experience with other yoyos. The DV888 is excellent, cheaper, and comfortable.

Also, for the record, the Mini Mo-Tu is not all metal.

Am I the only one pointing out the title fail? Well there’s a minor title fail.

What you just did right there was very annoying. Honestly, this is just the weirdest logics I’ve ever seen. As long as a person can bind, he is good enough for any yoyo. So just stop saying that the amount of a tricks a person can do limits the yoyos he can buy.

if you look at the yoyos page, click the tab. it shows beginner —> intermediate. look at that. then look at his skill level. see the difference?

So then somebody like Yuuki or Augie isn’t allowed to use a “beginner” yoyo because he’s too goog for it? Not really.

Yeah Pheenix I saw the error too. Just didn’t really pay attention to it because he apparently doesn’t really know English as well as some people. And I’ve mostly just stopped caring. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have never seen him yoyo before. If you think you should determine skill level based on their posts, you shouldn’t buy unresponsive yoyos as well, because they are way too good based on your skill(posting).

where do you see my skill?