What is your main throw?


Mine right now is an 888, how about you?


i actually have three Yuuksta, Protostar, and DNA


1A - Mayhem and/or FHZ
4A - Grif Wing/Hayabusa/Fiesta

(laxdude99) #4

Yuuksta and genesis

(Ellie) #5

Peak and Superstar.

(DOGS) #6

My go-to throws are the Punchline and Y-Factor. My main 5a yoyo is the DV888, and my favorite 4a yoyo is a dual starburst kickside.

(PutridNebula) #7

I rotate through 3 all day so they are all pretty much within reach 24/7. Auldey Virus, Lunatic, and Dv888. I usually switch when I get snags. Hah, I’m lazy lol.


Bully, Wedgie, Superstar, FHZ


My ministar


mines a DM and Cali 2010

(JonasK) #11

I switch between a New Breed and CUT every day.


Fury for sure :wink:


I always reach for my Yuuksta and Gnarwhal whenever I go to throw. They be great yoyos.


YYJ Axiom.Its just Awesome.


I throw mainly my Genesis and Protege and occasionally my campfire. I love yoyofactory so it feels like I am betraying them to use the campfire.


Right now its my G5, but it changes alot. :stuck_out_tongue:


new breed! great for grinding, until i dinged it a lot.


Such a great yoyo.

Mine is my gold VIOD!


Still my genesis. . . . .

(SR) #20

Hatrick MiniStar 888x ProtoStar is what I throw most. I use them each pretty equally.