Favorite throw based on what you are doing.

For me I have different throws for different things.

For practice I usually use my DV888 just in case I mess up or hit something

For Pocket Yo on the Go I usually have my Gnarwhal or my Wooly marmot,

And for performing in front of people I either use my Hulk Smash Peak or my ILYY Falcon.

What does everyone else use?

Well I try to use all my throws equally. So…

I use my velocity for those classic tricks such as rock the baby.

Well I like to use all of my yoyos but when I go somewhere I usually bring either my chaotic or DV888 or something like that with me. When I am just practicing I use my Bass Line or my Genesis. I usually use my New Breed if I want to do 5A. I use 4A yoyos for 4A… and I use my other yoyos other times I guess.

i only have 1 yoyo which is the dark magic, so i use it for just about everything. ( my parents wont let me get an expensive yoyo again) :stuck_out_tongue:

Genesis for really hardcore or practice and performing. 2010 Severe mostly for performing, and I bring it with me, and practice with it. And those are basically my main throws.

I kinda tend to use my TFL for like casual slower tricks. it doesn’t like to be the fastest yoyo.
I use my Pyro for 5a; Tough anno!
I used my kickside for 4a. (I whipped a bit too hard and now its gone xD)

wood: no jive
responsive stall tricks (and really just everyday play): flying v w/thin bearing, lubed up
figuring out my friends’ weird tricks: lately the spyy speed freak
performing/demoing: spyy pro
my mediocre 2a: 900’s (sometimes clean machines)
my crappy 5a: pistolero with a spintop button

For the past week I have been using only a ProtoStar, and since I got a NorthStar, I’ve been throwing that too. Whenever I try to pick up a metal, I just put it down. I kinda use those for everything

I prefer to use genesis for when I’m doing shows and what not

For fooling around I use my legacy, protostar, velocity, or pgm

For learning new tricks mayhem or fhz