Your main throw?

main throw: hatrick
2 main throw: punchline
3 main throw: DM
yoyo you bring with you everywhere: FHZ, DM
back up: Speeder
2 back up: speedmaker

Main throw:Void
yoyobring everywhere:frantic
2nd back up: dm or speeder

My main throw:Lyn Fury modded
Second throw:Protostar(but it is for sale)
And the third was X-Convict…but i sold it two days ago

Main: Spyy Addiction 2
2nd Yoyo Factory Ocho8Ocho
3rd IKYO Agape

Main: General-Yos, Hatrick or 5Star
2nd: Dv888
3rd: ProtoStar
Travel: ProtoStar
Back-up for travel:BIG DEAL
5A: Hitman
Beater: Hectic

All of them.

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main throw: Primo
2 main throw: Hatrick
3 main throw: DV888
yoyo you bring with you everywhere: dingo
back up: Wooly Marmot
2 back up: Dark Magic

main:CLYW Campfire
2 main: YYF GM2
3 main: YYJ DM
Backup: YYF DV888

Main Throw: Hatrick
Second: Skyy Chaser
Bring Everywhere: Dv888

Main 1a: dv888
Main 5a: new breed
3rd: well my new breed is all I have

Your hectic is NOT a beater… I’ve seen it.
Main Throw: TFL
Backup: cuLater
backupbackup(lolwhut?) Hybrid H-man
Travel- Legacy
5a: Energy& hitman

I just throw my yoyos. Mostly my CUT though.

Normally, any yoyo in my collection.

On contest:
Main: genesis.
2nd main: genesis.
3main: any of them, mostly virus or protostar, or a royal star.
Back up: any last of them.

2nd main: BOSS
Back-up: New Breed
Bring everywhere: SEVERE

Wow, I really can’t bring myself to answer this question the way everyone else has. I keep all my favorite throws in constant rotation, I don’t think I could really narrow it down to a main/backup/take-everywhere designation.

My current rotation consists of:
Punch Line

My take-anywhere one is whichever of those I happen to pick out in the morning. When staying overnight away from home, I usually bring whatever combination of those ones I’m feeling at the time, or sometimes all 4 ;D

main throw: Heavy Cream
2 main throw: MVP Cherry
3 main throw: E1NS
4main throw NVx
yoyo you bring with you everywhere: Genesis, 888
back up: 888
2 back up: Noctu

1A Protostar
5A Dark Magic

Main throw and take everywhere yoyo: Protostar ;D

1st undeniable genesis and 2010 G5 (tied)
2nd protostar
3rd new breed
4th legacys ( i have 2 green and black exchanged halves)
backup modded maverick ( satined clean bearing siliconed

Main throw: Hectic
Back up: speed dial

1: Throw monkey
Yoyo i bring with me every where: throw monkey