Main player?

what is your main player for 1A and why? Ex/ m1 because a ton of my tricks involve thumb grinds

kickside…its the only yoyo i have for 1a

888, M1, PGM, DM, and HM.

wow, all for 1A???


Axiom, because it is my only metal and best yo-yo.

G5-- best for 1a and only one for 1a (Legacy Broke doing arials lol)(DM broke a long time ago)(BigYo is poopy 1a)

Speeder because it has great spin times while allowing for speed. Also, the feel is great. Haha it may also be because its my only decent yoyo.

G5 888 PGM mini motu, those are all my yoyos and I use them equally

well I use the dna for learning tricks, my pocket yoyo,and ks is my thumb grinder

wow im having trouble comprehending that. you are some wizard if you can get away with carrying around a monster like the pgm, and land thumb grinds consistently on a kickside. That like steve-0 as a guest star on oprah or something

How do you carry a yoyo?

good point, my theory has been proven wrong

my main player was a dm but i just got my dna last week and it is awesome. well worth the money!

i carry mine in my backpack

DM master edition its my only good yoyo! and i carry it in my camera backpack most of the time or my pocket!

(see avatar.) :wink:

… ok i’m boring.

My Dna as it is the best one I got.

My cut, just feels the best in my hands :slight_smile:
and I carry it around using the F.A.S.T. holder, very useful

888 I just got it today but I love it.

keep spining