What's your main yoyo?

(TechyThrower92) #1

As of right now my YoYoJam Lyn Fury is my main yoyo. I love it and i’m always using it. What’s your main yoyo?

(Colerbird (FRIDGE)) #2

mine is the DM, partly because it’s my only good one.


I have three main yos. DarkMagic for 1a play, sunset trajectory for 2a, and a big yo2 for my 4a. later and remember keep it spinning.


As of recent, wolverine BvM.

(Larry) #5

Your comment sparked my cuosity. In your opinion, which of your yoyos are your least

Like you, mine is the DM. My least favorite is the Lizzard by Henry.


(Connor) #6




(DrSqueakers) #8

Dont have agood yo right now (my best yo broke)but I ordeded a one drop prodgect


My main yoyo is my YYJ Speeder. It just plays like a champ I LOVE IT!!!


Main yoyo is my Axiom, KK, and YYN highlights (type 6).

I always go back to the DM though, it’s treated me well.

I’m pleased…


I got a DM and i love it. i started out with a x-brain and once i got the trapeze with that i bought the DM and rocked the country…or not lol. but it is a lot easier


My main yoyo is DM and Axiom.They’re awesome!

Happy Throwing!!! ;D

Max =]


Dark Magic after Christmas currently Legacy.


1a:dark magic or X-convict
2a: shinji raiders or sunset nxgs
3a:same as 1a(tryin to get 2 sigma blades)
5a:speedmaker with a taped on dice as counterweight(dont have an official counterweight)

(Connor) #15

My main three yoyos right now are

1: Axiom
2: Dark Magic
3: Legacy


(YoyoZeb3k) #16

I have two main yo-yo’s

1A - Hspin Pyro Light
5A - PGM