What's your main yoyo?

As of right now my YoYoJam Lyn Fury is my main yoyo. I love it and i’m always using it. What’s your main yoyo?

mine is the DM, partly because it’s my only good one.

I have three main yos. DarkMagic for 1a play, sunset trajectory for 2a, and a big yo2 for my 4a. later and remember keep it spinning.

As of recent, wolverine BvM.

Your comment sparked my cuosity. In your opinion, which of your yoyos are your least

Like you, mine is the DM. My least favorite is the Lizzard by Henry.




Dont have agood yo right now (my best yo broke)but I ordeded a one drop prodgect

My main yoyo is my YYJ Speeder. It just plays like a champ I LOVE IT!!!

Main yoyo is my Axiom, KK, and YYN highlights (type 6).

I always go back to the DM though, it’s treated me well.

I’m pleased…

I got a DM and i love it. i started out with a x-brain and once i got the trapeze with that i bought the DM and rocked the country…or not lol. but it is a lot easier

My main yoyo is DM and Axiom.They’re awesome!

Happy Throwing!!! ;D

Max =]

Dark Magic after Christmas currently Legacy.

1a:dark magic or X-convict
2a: shinji raiders or sunset nxgs
3a:same as 1a(tryin to get 2 sigma blades)
5a:speedmaker with a taped on dice as counterweight(dont have an official counterweight)

My main three yoyos right now are

1: Axiom
2: Dark Magic
3: Legacy


I have two main yo-yo’s

1A - Hspin Pyro Light
5A - PGM