Main player?

Do a review on it please!

My main player is currently my HSpin The Cut. ;D I love the way it looks and is also very smooth. It is also versatile as you can play fast or slow with it. I might do a review on it. :wink:

Ilove super-mega-ultra love my M1. The size is just great, feels good in the hand. And since it’s my first metal, I just love the sound of it spinning (kinda sedative in fact). And because I super-mega-ultra love it, I keep and carry it in the box.

G5…cough thanks Samad! cough

How do you carry a yoyo??? I’m having trouble with that… I don’t want to hold it the whole day, I don’t carry a backpack everywhere (except school…) and my pockets aren’t comfortable, or big enough.

I dont- I play!

Order a YYF Fast holder, I have one and its worth it. You just put the yoyo in and clip it to a loop on your pants and your on your way

My main player is definitely my Dark Magic. I own 2 metals, but i don’t take them anywhere for fear of scratches, dings, potential loss, etc. I occasionally carry my PGM or SFHG but the Dark Magic just seems to be the best all-around player for me. I got my DM used, so it already has a few dings, thereby essentially making it my beater yoyo. However, it is also my favorite yoyo, so I would be upset if something ever happened to it!

I carry yoyos in my pockets, in my backpack, and in my purse.


I carry my M1 in the box. put the box in my jacket pocket, and now it’s scrambled or mashed or whatever you prefer to call it.

Ok, here it is. The 888 is a awsome yoyo. I recomend
getting it. 888=long, long spin time.

Diameter: 1.99
Width: 1.65
Responce: silocone
Weight: 66 grams
Brand: Yoyofactory

keep spinning


Well, that’s not much of a review. Try to write a little more about what like about it or what you don’t like, tell us about the vibration, smoothness, wobble and some general play characteristics.
Also, look at this:  How to Post a Quality yo-yo Review - Yo-Yo Reviews - YoYoExpert Forums

i keep my x-convict for 1A in my pocket with my flying panda for off-string and legacy for 5A then again i wear tripp pants and other equally baggy pants

Dark Magic and my Legacy.
And soon my Huyabusa that I ordered yesterday.