Superstar vs 888 vs DNA vs G5

Hey i have finially came around and made a review

888- personally my favorite but that doesnt matter
it is heavy for such a small yoyo
its size it nice for my preference, rather small
hard to hit thumb grinds with stacks on
i dont really like this yoyo for grinds 5/5

G5 i like this yoyo because it is very light for metal and is very smooth for grinding
if you mess up on your throw the yoyo will tilt to the side
i can do some nice thumb grinds with this 3.501/5

dna very heavy
just an 888 with bigger diameter and good for thumb grinds 4.5/5

i love the weight distrubution on this yoyo
easy for thumb grinds
a little light for me but oh well

so overall i like the 888


I found the DNA was to light for its size, It might of just been me though

woops mine is the mutant

It kinda only seemed like you cared about thumb grinding.

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This review is completely biased.

I agree with both of you. It’s not much of a review IMO.

SUPERSTAR hands down!!!

Also, I don’t think that DNA is small. Especially the mutant. Also, yoyolvr. It wasn’t a question saying which one is better. Just telling you because your post hints at you believing it is a which one do you like post.

And now it’s time for “The Norwegian guy makes reviews of other people’s review”!!!

This review was very short and had barely any to no details. Add more details

A lot of the information makes no sense at all. The Superstar is too light even though it’s the heaviest out of the four, the DNA is small even though it’s the biggest of the four. Spend more time on making and thinking through your reviews.

You didn’t focus too much on thumb grinds, you just didn’t focus enough on everything else. The review seemed to be mostly about thumb grinds. Tell more about the product(s).

Very biased, try to be more objective.

I have never seen the rating system used objectively in a review. Only thing that could come close is 100 people voting in a poll. Just cut that 5/5 rating scale thingy, it’s no good.

Keep writing reviews, don’t let criticism bring you down, let it make you better.

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I was going to say this a couple of days ago when I saw it, but I probably would have sounded cruel. You didn’t.