Main Throws?

What are your main throws for each style?

For me its:
1A: DM, Mini Mo-Tu, G5, Dash
2A: (Will be NXGs once I get them)
3A: DM and Velocity
4A: Big Ben
5A: PGM v2 and New Breed
Moebius: Lunatic

1a: SCLB
3a: SCLBs , Protostars
4a: Bigyo
5a: Protostar
Moebius: Protostar
DD: Protostars
Sliding Dice: Protostars

1a: protostar dv888 g5
2a:shinwoo loop
3a:I dont play 3a
5a:Protostar mosquito g5

1a- Skyline
2a- PM Raiders
3a- Replays
4a- Fiesta
5a- M1

3a-SFHG and FHZ
5a-New Breed

1A: Genesis, Yuuksta, 2010 Severe, beat up Maverick, Protege (For some weird reason I always forget that one even though it’s one of my main beast throws, lol)
2A: I don’t play it, but if I did, Loop 900’s.
3A: Same as above, and if I did, Tres Leches or something like that.
4A: If I played 4A, Fiesta.
5A: PGMv2, and Die-Nasty along with Maverick sometimes.

1a superstar, axiom
2a fireballs x2
5a legacy, axiom

1a all of them
2a two 1a yo-yos
3a two 1a yo-yos (again)
4. Duncan Butterfly
5a DM

1a: elliot jackson peak
3a: 2 888s
4a: hayabusa
5a: G5 with z-stacks

1a: Minute, Juggernaut, Genesis
4a: kickside (RIP)
5a: Genesis, Dv888
Moebius: P2

1A: Hatrick Ministar 888x 888
5A: ProtoStar

1a Sleipnir (incredible yoyo) G5 888x
2a…2a? Id like to say I actually loop but nope
3a Whats 3a?
4a Fiesta
5a Protostar

1a genesis, campfire, protege
2a sunset trajectory
4a pgm2
5a lyn fury

1a- dm2, pgm, zombie
2a- dragonfly
4a-yyj bigyo
5a- dunca freehand 2

1A:Protostar, Starlite, Superstar
2A:Loop 720
4A:Big Yo, Hayabusa


1a hub stacked genesis, northstar, yuuksta
2a modded raiders
3a protostars
4a htyabusa sl
5a pgm, kickside, genesis

lately mainly this stuff:
unresponsive 1a) flying v, ronin, stryker, speed freak, pro, punchline.

responsive 1a) jason tracy 3-in-1 (imperial), #1 3-in-1 (b-fly), #66 profly, thin bearing v.

2handed) clean machines, 900’s, higby proyos.

counterweight) pistoleros (i don’t play a ton of 5a).

1A - Speed Maker/ PGMv2
2A - Peterfish Dominators
3A - Speed Makers
4A - BigYo2
5A - I don’t throw 5A, but PGMv2 I guess

1a - Zen, C13, Gorylla
3a - FH2s, Lyn Furies
4a - Siliconed Big Ben
5a - C13, Boss

General-Yo 5Star, BA Hatrick and MiniStar.