So what's your main for 5a?

(major_seventh) #1

Since it’s 5a May, what’s everyone’s main 5a throw right now?

For me its my beat up and vibey FG avalanche. Very consistent, stable, and versatile. Love it.

And also, what counterweight’s are you using? I’m using an orange Takeshi Die 8)

Loving all the tuts Jake Elliot is making! It’s inspiring me! :smiley:

(Owen) #2







Alternating between YYM Agonist, YYR Laser, TP Prominence, and Sturm Panzer Eclipse Ogre. I think I like the Agonist and Eclipse Ogre the best.


A genesis and a G5+. But I’m terrible at it.


No main atm but superstar will be my main once it comes.


My YYJ Classic, but I am quite a beginner.