Main Throws?

1a.) 888x and BOSS
2a.) Duncan Bumblebees
4a.) Hayabusa
5a.) Grind Machine 2

you sir have the biggest guts on this forum for using metals for basic 3a/5a…I salute you…

1a: Anything satined/plastic
2a: nothing
3a: nothing
4a: Anything satined/rubber rimmed
5a: Anything satined/65g

1a: Northstar and Genesis.
2a: Loop 900 and Loop 720.
3a: Severe.
4a: Pocket Change.
5a: Genesis and '10 Severe.

1a: X-convict
2a: Not yet
3a: Fh2’s
4a: Peterfish Luminator
5a: Fh2, X-convict

1a. Protostar, SCLBs
2a. Raiders… maybe some unleashed soon
3a. Fhzs
4a. Bigyo, KickYuu
5a. Fhz, Protostar