What is your main throw?

NorthStar right now. Might change when I get my Sasquatch.

1a: ICON
2a: speedles
3a: kickside and a leagcy
4a: aquarius
5a: BASSBoost

Protostar and DV888.

Genesis and protostar

Genesis atm… Hopefully my Gnarwhal will change that though =P

Grind Machine… Plays like a dream imo

peaks (og too)

General-Yo Hatrick! :smiley:

my 1drops (especially my soon 2 be MMN)

Bassalope and BVm!!

I usually have 1-2 in my pockets depending on the shorts I’m wearing.

1A - Lyn Fury
5A - FH2

I use others throughout the day but those 2 end up with most of the work because they are with me regardless of where I am.

Yuuksta. Yuuksta FTW. Same for Yuuki’s 1A. ;D

DV888 sick throw ;D


Currently mine is Starlite.

         keep your yoyo spinning


Project 1 and MVP

I use my Stacked Genesis, Bass line, Chaotic, and Hatrick mostly. I use my other yoyos when I feel like something different.