What is the one yoyo you want the most?

There is one one throw that everybody really wants. For me it’s a USA Edition Hatrick. What’s yours?

5 star / og peak

the v shape from the new 2013 benchmark series ;D

Of released stuff:

AL7 Quake.

Of stuff about to be released:
Entire OD Benchmark Series
Puffin 2

what does og mean?? ???

YYR Draupnir, but also the one drop benchmark series.

OG = Original Gangsta. In the context of the Peak, OG refers specifically to the eggshell painted ones from the first run, which include the numbered blue ones, three pink ones, two teal ones, the green one, and the plaid one.

YYR Draupnir and Sleipnir

I’m pretty content with my collection right now. But the next thing I plan on getting is the Benchmark line-up.

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The blue rally really cleared my list of wants. But now I am really digging the the benchmark series I love they guys at one drop.

If I had to say just one right off the top of my head I would say I’d want a older GeneralYo in badass with a wooden box I’ve been hunting high and low for one but no one seems to let them go and I’d be so tickled to have one of Ernie’s dad’s boxes with Ernie’s awesome yoyo in it that I’d be content for a very very long time!

I will find that GeneralYo someday!

Gnarwhal 2 is one of my top wants, and the Sine//Saw from RevRev in Rave Party.

What I want most is a green and white Aeroyo Turbofly, a blue C3 Speedaholic, and a black ZanNavi counterweight.

Fortunately this just happens to be what is in a box that arrived at home.

I’m kind of glad I can’t get my hands on them yet though considering there is about a week until break and my finals start on Monday I shouldn’t even be on the forum, much less even touching a yoyo until I get some homework/studying done.

Slck Ywet

ILYY PYBIT any color or any condition, i need one :slight_smile:
i love the design of this thing!

The No Jive III

All blue majesty.

Just a summit/cheif. Maybe a superstar

Any metal clyw or one drop or anything high end really.

code2 or m10. no money for either though. :frowning:

any CLYW, preferably a puffin/yeti ;D