What is the one yoyo you want the most?




Code 2 argonaut

Jason Lee Shutter. I’ve been eyeing the shutter for a while and I’m also really into photography, so I was bummed to find out they’d sold out so fast.

Bonfire, Puffin 2, Gnarwhal 2, and Peak.

Haha man you must really want one xD. I don’t blame you it is a fantastic throw

Usually the want changes, but as of now, any kind of Peak that’s reasonably smooth.


YoYoRecreation Dazzler.

I have the money to afford one, but I just can’t bring myself to pull that trigger at that price…

Looking forward to the release of the Onedrop Valor as well.

Clyw Chief

RecRev i

I really want something different from the things in my collection so far. I’ve been really shooting for a Superfly Remix, but really, any really strong Japanese throw would be great.

YYR Dazzler… realistically? C3 Mo-vitation :smiley:

Found/purchased my “holy grail” yoyo after almost 4 years of searching and over 12 years after the yoyo was released…pictures after I actually receive it.

It was a very good time for me to find the yoyo (along with a slew of other neat things I purchased along with it), all my recent BST sales made me feel essentially no guilt about my largest yoyo purchase ever.



i actually have 3 at the moment
code 2 argonaut
genaral yo prestige
but in no particular order though

Snozberry Albatross, sadly, barring a miracle, I will never have one. They are all firmly lodged with their current owners.

I don’t really want anything right now. A laser would be cool