What is the game here with the new YYF Z-stack Catalyst?

So the new catalyst came out. It comes sandblasted, part of it, z stacks, and some regular ones if you don’t like them.

And it’s $10 less than the original…

What’s making it less if it comes with more? Is it made of cheap aluminum? Is it smaller, or shaped differently?

It’s basically a sale for the very last run of catalysts. you know, so that they will go quickly. it in no way seems like it’s inferiorly made compared to the other runs.

^ this. You have to remember that the Catalyst was Augies signature throw. Him leaving, plus the lack of interest in the Catalyst vs their more popular models makes it seem about the right time to discontinue it.

As Pajama man said, they probably had a run already on order/made up and they just want to ship them off quickly so they’ve changed it to garner a bit more interest.

The new ones are $10 less… Not the originals.

Yeah… that’s why he said “you know, so that they will go quickly”… :wink:

Cmon. Take your time when reading these comments, you might learn something.

I think the Catalyst is very underappreciated. I recently got one in a trade and I can’t put it down. I’m considering buying another.

Wait, so they aren’t going to keep a Z stack catalyst? Or a non sig version?

That’s why I didn’t understand it is because I thought these were staying and the originals where going away…

I don’t get it either.


No, I seriously don’t get it. There seems to be conflicting information about the Catalyst out there, and I’m not sure what’s correct anymore.

See now everyone gets what I said ::).

Previous statements aren’t invalidated, though. If your source of information is this:

It indeed says this is the last chance to buy a new Catalyst. It’s not my fault there’s alternative information out there that you may be privy to. It wasn’t exactly clear what you were getting at. Your question was “Why $10 cheaper” and a viable theory was proposed. One that still stands, really… it’s to move units more quickly, whether it ends up being the last run or not.

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This is the last run of the Catalyst. For whatever reason, this batch seemed to play really nicely with Z-Stacks so they decided to include them since it had been a while since they dropped a yoyo with Z-Stacks. (That’s direct from Seth.)

Price is likely reduced due to the lack of royalty and lack of splash anodization. That’s a guess, I haven’t really asked anyone about it because I kinda don’t care. Ha.

Not sure what other information is out there, but that’s the straight dope. This the very last run and if you like this yoyo (which I rather do, personally), I’d recommend grabbing one now before they’re gone so that you can put one in your case next to your Avant Garde and Grind Master and C13 and Northstar and all those other discontinued YYF throws that many of us secretly still love and play with all the time. :wink:

Thanks, Steve. Whoever handles yoyofactory’s ask.fm channel seems confused, then:

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I think it may be less considering tha fact that there isn’t fancy ano.

Well, according to Patrick Mitchell, who is their Sales Manager, it’s the last run. All the retailers were told it was the last run. Beyond that…

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Yoyofactory is not bad. They have FUN throws. The only thing they suck at is splashes. All of my splashed YYF including my Harold Owens III Catalyst have spots where the splash falls or chipped off.

I really want one of these. I think i’ll buy a black one and change the rainbow Z-stacks from my G5 to this. It will be awesome…

What I can’t wait for is the new Supernova thats coming. I’m gonna buy that thing the second it’s released. Really excited for that.

What’s good about it?