CLYW Chief or YOYOFATORY Catalist Zstacked


what yoyo should I get a chief or a calalist zstacked with hubstacks included?

i wanted the chief in Adam Brewster edition for $145 but then I wanted the catalist for $70-$80 dollars
I dont know which one to chose
I have a yoyofactory genesis but no yoyos with hubstacks
so im stuck on a decision of which one to get can someone give reasons of which one to get

catalist zstcked are coming to yoyoexpert soon :slight_smile:


From you local hubstack store.





I have no idea what is going on.

I re-read this entire thread 3 times now and I quit.


Get a chief


As fas as stacked throws go, the Champions Edition Genesis is a great option, however since you already own a Genesis perhaps you would prefer something different. The YYF Superstar is a good stacked throw in this case.

Hubstacks are good however there’s only so much you can do with them so I wouldn’t get too hung up on it. I ended up de-stacking my Superstar in the end because I never used them and the noise was annoying me. =P

edit! It is indeed possible to hubstack yoyos yourself (which your other post shows you are interested in doing), however whilst I don’t doubt that a very skilled modder would be able to hubstack a Chief, I would highly recommend against trying it yourself.


I do believe a small amount of catalysts were made with hub stacks…


Lol, stacked, blasted Catalysts have been out on a few different stores for almost a week now :slight_smile:



Well I’ll be dam… er… ‘darned’… you really do learn something new every day. =O

I’m surprised that they’re still making Catalysts with Augie gone…


The chief BLOWS the Catalyst out of the water by a MILE. I had the same feeling that I wanted to try a hubstaked yoyo but once you get one you rarely use the stacks anyways. So if you really want a hubstacked yoyo go and buy a cheap 888 off the BST you could probably find one for $35-$40.


after Augie left they changed it to Harold Owens signature throw.


Catalyst. Chief = most overhyped throw in years(i’ve owned 3).


I’ve never played a Catalyst personally, but judging by the quality of the other YYF metals, it probably doesn’t hold a candle to the Chief. The Chief is straight-up amazing, and most yoyoers will tell you the same (although, as with anything, there are always a few naysayers). Also, IMHO hubstacks are pretty gimmicky. They induce vibe and never really get used much. Also, they take the challenge (and the fun) out of horizontal grinds.


lol no idea what this means. Amazing how those substandard throws keep winning world, national, and regional competitions time and time again.


Whilst I am not a naysayer, I have to say that personally the Chief wasn’t my cup of tea. There’s no doubting it’s a good throw and I know that many many people adore it, but it just never really felt right to me and so I rarely use mine.

It’s not really right to assume that you know how a yoyo plays. You may be correct, but since you haven’t tried a Catalyst, you should reserve judgement and not make assumptions.

Au contrair actually, I’ve found my 7075 Genesis to consistently outperform my Chief and Arctic Circle as well as many other of my high end throws; couple that with how many times YYF metals have been used to win major contests (just recently the top 3 at BAC), and I wouldn’t be quite so quick to put down YYF. I’m not saying that they don’t make bad throws, but credit where it’s due, they also make a few very good ones…


well… I know what I’d choose. ;D

But I’m not biased or anything…


I love the Chief. But I’m going to add my own 2 cents about YYF: I have an Avant Garde, which isn’t even their most celebrated throw, and it is astonishingly good. Every time I pick it up for a session (usually with long breaks in between 'cos I have too many danged yoyos now!) I’m reminded again of how stable it is, and with a really satisfying “middle ground” between solidity and float.

Thing’s amazing.

But just to reiterate: I do love me some Chief. :wink: I don’t think it’s overrated at all-- I think it’s perfectly rated.


For those of you who are criticizing me for not reserving judgement, I’m sorry. I was trying to point out that I don’t know exactly how the Catalyst plays but I would think that the Chief is better. Don’t take my word for it, I can only say how good the Chief is, not how it compares to the Catalyst. If you bought it you probably wouldn’t be disappointed. I’ve played with my friend’s genesis extensively, and I admit it’s a great throw. Not as good as the Chief, IMO, but definitely better value (I got my chief discounted, which is the not reason I own one). And about YYF throws “winning” competitions, it’s not yoyos that win, it’s players. YYF has some of the greatest throwers the world has ever seen, plain and simple. It doesn’t necessarily mean their throws are top of the line quality. Anyway, I was just making inferences based in my limited experience. Feel free to ignore me, there’s a good chance I’m wrong XD


At BAC I tried the stacked Catalyst and it felt heavy and klunky to me, almost like a big DV888. Fun though, I gotta say I threw it for a while.


Ya like really Adam why would you ever want a Chief in your own signature colorway :wink: