What Is THE Best Budget Non-V Bi-metal?

({John15}) #1

Okay, I’m curious. What is the best bi-metal?

A few design aspects to limit the criteria:

  • Not a hard V shape
  • Not super wide
  • Not over $120
(Victor) #2

I think you somehow eliminated all of the bi-metal yo-yos in my collection. :rofl:

Edit: Hmm, on second thought, I think the Sengoku - Oni costs less than $120, if I’m not mistaken. That’s where my vote would go.


My favorite that checks those boxes is the 2sick Blockade. Feels way more organic than it looks.

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({John15}) #4

I thought the same, but those colors though :-1:


Lucky for me I snagged a first run Watermelon Fade like this :point_down:

(Victorian YoYos) #6

Edge Beyo… oh wait

(Justin ) #7

But the Hummingbird is only $10 more :rage:

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(r/Throwers Mod.) #8

Nothing about this question makes sense lmao.

Annoying bitterness aside, I haven’t played that many bimetals but i really like the Bimetal Superstar. It was kinda an underlooked yoyo from 2016 but it feels amazing on the string imo.


You kinda already figured out the best ones.
Not V
Not wide
Not over 120$

Pick one like that and it will be the best for you.


Considering the limitations, id say my 2sick/Unspoken Decoy. Extremely long spinning (probably the longest out of all my yoyos) without the stiff feel of your average bi-metal. They really nailed it with this design imo.

(ClockMonsterLA) #11

Is the Hummingbird a “hard” V? If not, then that’s what I’d go with. My burgandy Hummingbird had a $100 price tag when I bought it last Fall.

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(Mitch ) #12

Well I had to go look in the case for this one. The hummingburd is amazing but just barely out of your price range and im trying to figure out if you’d consider it a “hard” v, I dont. Same goes for the blockade. Id say thats a soft v shape thats an awesome throw. The two i have that definately fit your criteria would be the decoy and the casefile 003. The decoy is good and a lot of people love it but it just never spoke to me; im still seeing if it will grow on me. The casefile is awesome if your ok with an undersized bimetal. To me thats what makes it unique and one of my favorite bi metals. Can be hard to find though.

Almost forgot there is the oyy lust. Thats a solid one too. I sometimes forget about it as it doesnt do any one thing better than any of my other bi metals imo but i enjoy it nontheless.

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(Thomas Bellotti) #13

I am LOVING my CLYW Akita. Idk how you feel about wider throws, but this thing is amazing.

I love my V shapes, and my elite is incredible, but I’d put the Akita right up there with it. I’d really struggle if I had to choose just one.

Just a thought. Hope you find something that reonates with you, good luck!

Edit: You’re not sure his preference on wide throws TJ? Really? I wonder where you might find that information. Certainly he wouldn’t include it in his post, you know, in that list of his preferences. You’ll just have to speculate I guess. Idiot…


But… Vs are the best.

(Thomas Bellotti) #15

This really is the answer ^^

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(Zammy Ickler ) #16

I legit still put the Yoyorecreation Draupnir as the greatest bi-metal throw of all time.

It just simply cannot be beat.


anyone here played the @sfyoyos Ceasefire yet? ive had it for more than two months now and its still my go-to yoyo most of the time


Love the ceasefire.


The Bliss.

({John15}) #20

Umm… What doesn’t make sense about it? I thought it was pretty clear?