What film/movie/series did you last watch?

Bosch Legacy: Bosch: Legacy (TV Series 2022– ) - IMDb - A continuation of the Bosch saga. It’s been great!

Better Call Saul

Cold Case Files (new)

Can’t disagree; he’s so talented

I just watched Overlord (movie not the anime) again last night. I think it’s pretty good. If you like alternative history fiction you’d like this movie

Suits. I need a Donna.

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Suits was good. I need a friend like Louis. Even though supposedly the mudding was a allegory for cocaine cause USA was not into being that edgy.

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I hated Louis, he turned out alright In the end though.

Watching Free Fire sounds like a blast - Ben Wheatley does have a knack for unique filmmaking. :smile:
As for what I last watched, I recently got into the series “The Witcher” on Netflix. It’s got a mix of fantasy, action, and intriguing characters that keep me hooked. Plus, Henry Cavill as Geralt is spot on!
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Recently finished Haunting of Hill House and Hauting of Bly Manor and have now moved on to Hannibal.


Finished up Glorious not long ago. Fantastic movie, but I love obscure and strange movies. Lately I’ve been binging all the Batman I can on Max. Justice League Dark was the last thing I watched.