What are some movies you think everyone should see at some point?

Star Wars. Definitely. (The original trilogy, The Force Awakens is not classic star wars.)

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A Boy and His Dog

The Breakfast Club.


Fight Club
The Nines
Waking Life
What the Bleep do we Know (down the rabbit hole)
Rules of Attraction


The Gods Must Be Crazy

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Cape Fear (De Niro remake)

For some stuff in the comedy genre

Blazing Saddles
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
The Producers (original one, not the remake)

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Stand by me defiantly.

Stand by me defiantly.
^^^^^^^ really?!? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

To Kill A Mockingbird

O Brother, Where Art Thou?


The Book Thief

I’ll stop with these, I have many others.

(No wait, I should include “Raiders of the Lost Ark”.)

Hot Rod
Kung Fu Hustle
Walk Hard
Without a Paddle
Half Baked (classic)

Robocop (The original)
Forrest Gump
Star Wars VII
Big Hero 6

It’s a tough one cause everyone has different tastes and interests. Maybe

The Hairdresser’s Husband

imm put this one again, also by itself. Its an underrated one for sure.

The Nines

Just watched the original '71 Willie Wonka at my local theatre.

So inspired. :slight_smile:

Drive- Nicolas Winding Refn
Only God Forgives- Nicolas Winding Refn
Valhalla Rising- Nicolas Winding Refn

Taxi Driver- Martin Scorsese

Tree of Life- Terrance Malick
Knight of Cups- Terrance Malick
Badlands- Terrance Malick

Blue Ruin- Jeremy Saulnier
Blade Runner- Ridley Scott
Upstream Color- Shane Carruth

The Shining - Stanley Kubrick
Eyes Wide Shut- Stanley Kubrick
Paths of Glory- Stanley Kubrick

The Holy Mountain- Alejandro Jodorowsky
El Topo- Alejandro Jodorowsky

Apocalypse Now- Francis Ford Coppola
The Conversation- Francis Ford Coppola

The Conformist- Bernardo Bertolucci (Primarily for Vittrio Storaro’s cinematography, probably the best cinematography of all time)
The 400 Blows- François Truffaut

Mulholland Drive - David Lynch
Eraserhead- David Lynch

Princess Bride

Pulp Fiction

Forrest Gump

Nacho Libre (i loved it)

Off the top of my head in 10 seconds…

The Godfather
Saving Private Ryan

Hell or High Water

I just saw it and it should be in theaters for a little while longer. It was a great movie, probably the best one I’ve seen in 2016 and I haven’t heard many people talk about it yet.

If you see it let me know what you think!