Hey, dont know if someone started a topic about this but, what is your favorite movie??

Dont know if you heard about this movie but it is called the Sandlot.

i also like star wars but the Sandlot is really funny. it is a baseball movie.

what is your favorite movie guys??

That’s hard… hmm

I like…

The Lord of Rings Trilogy

Star Wars series

The Matrix series

The Fall


Fantastic Mr. Fox

Those are the ones I can think of at the moment…

The Hangover

The Hangover 2

Mad Max

Death Race

Wizard Of Oz (you can’t dislike that movie!)

Transformers 3 (i haven’t seen it,but i know i’ll like it,lol)

Transformers Revenge Of The Fallen


Death Race and Mad Max (makes me think of an artist) were cool.

i see that you like transformers!

The Wizard Of Oz is now better A and O lol


Okay…How about the first Mortal Kombat movie instead. (because by now you SHOULD know that I love Mortal Kombat)

but then again…wolves are cool…so are wizards…and Mortal Kombat…wow…this is hard.

when i was in 6th grade I rapped about global warming for a video project.

Best. Movie. Ever.

Oh no doubt.

Casablanca, Stranger Than Fiction, Zombieland, the Bourne trilogy, and Get Smart all come to mind. The Matrix trilogy ranks as a good honorable mention (although Revolutions can go home).

I got an A- LAwlz

scott pilgrem vs the world
hitch hikers guide to the galexyso long and thanks for all the fish
fantastic mr fox
and a bunch more i cant think of…

not trying to be mean but did you think scott pilgrem vs the world was funny???

in my opinion i thought it was stupid.
again in my opinion.
not trying to be mean!!!