Favorite comedy movie?

Im layin in bed and flippin through channels and I see Billy Madison is on. My favorite funny movie since I was 4. Adam Sandler is a hoot but he got old and sentimental on us.

Whats yours?

Um I dont really know. Im into those more “stupid” funny movies. Like every year (or something) there will be a movie, like the other guys was funny. I didn’t see anchorman 2, because I feel like if it wasn’t will Ferrell, and if it didn’t have a big title that everybody knows, it wouldn’t be big. I hear it was worse than #1, and we can all admit #1 really wasn’t all that great. How what anchorman 2? Anyway, superbad,the dictator,21 jump street, etc.

probably 21 jump street. never laughed so hard in my life lol :smiley:

Some of my favorites:
Despicable Me
Bedtime Stories
An old one, The Shop Around the Corner.

You have very good taste!! I like that one and also dumb and dumber. I felt like I was gonna die of laughter when I saw it for the first time.

21 Jump Street is great, I can’t wait for 22 Jump Street! The trailer looks great.

Anchorman has to be one of my favorite movies of all time, let alone comedies. The sequel was good, if not better. Brick had a bigger role which I loved, and there seemed to be more obscure references and humor. Go see it, NOW!

But it’s 12:30 and I’ve spent all night learning Jensen stuff

Oh brother, where art thou? End of story


My favorite is the rush hour trilogy and then probably happy gilmore


Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny
Luveet!! ;D


I don’t find a lot of comedy movies to be as funny as they should be, a lot of the jokes in comedy movies feels like they’ve been through way too many stages of refining to the point of them having an aura of fakeness to them. Spinal Tap is one of several exceptions to this, and it is my favorite comedy movie (the more improvised nature of it gives it a much more “real” feeling".

I have a weird taste in movies though, the movies that make me laugh are the ones that really don’t take themselves seriously or are just horribly funny (as in so bad they are funny). Movies on this list are The Room, Bad Taste, Snakes on a Plane, From Dusk Till Dawn, Sharknado (saw this recently, it’s a real masterpiece), and pretty much all old (and some new) action movies (Arnold Schwarzenegger is always fun).

Most all of the National Lampoon movies, but Animal House sticks out.

Sounds like you’d love Looney Toones: Back in Action.

-Ferris Bueller’s Day Off… it’s a classic.

And, for the adults:

-There’s Something About Mary

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Ferris Bueller huh, ooh Bueller wheel. That’s the trick I’ll learn next!

LMAO “The Room”.

Its gunna be “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” for me.

Napoleon Dynamite and the first Hang Over.

Hang over would have been better left alone. No need for the other two which were kinda funny but overdone.

But from some newer movies We’re the Millers, The Watch, Horrible Bosses, and others

I thought this was interesting. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off was written in a week. And filmed on basically it’s first draft.

BasedGod is my fav movie