What's your favorite horror movie?

My fav is The Exorcist.

What’s yours?


How scary is I Am Legend?

Dead Alive

I don’t think Bad Taste counts as it’s a splattercomedy… so I’ll go with Nosferatu.

I also like the first “Fair Game” movie (Norwegian horror).

The original Child’s Play!

Troll 2.


You beat me.

YES!!! Troll 2 best movie ever!

I think Bad Taste does count as a splatter comedy.

not really sure what my fav horror movie is… ill let you know when i think of one


Ahh, The Shining!!! Also the Exorcist, and Brahm Stokers Dracula.

If Rubber counts…

I don’t know if I would refer to it as my favorite, but the “Blair Witch Project” got in to my brain and pestered me for awhile after I saw it.

…showing my age here, but Hitchcock’s “Psyco” is a classic work of fright art.

Me too