Horror fans?


Anyone love horror movies who throws?


Me! More a fan of the older films though where it was more about suspense and mystery. The newer ones just seem to be gratuitous nudity and violence for the sake of cheap thrills.



No, cuz then all the monsters under the bed come out.


Not horror movies really… I did like The Shining and Nightmare on Elm Street.

But Supernatural the TV show is where it’s at. As well as the scary episodes of doctor who.


I watch them pretty religiously, my favorite is Sinister!


I love sinister! they are making a sinister 2 right now!
have you seen the conjuring?


I agree in some ways. Oculus was really good as well as the conjuring and those are newer films. I hate the Super Gory ones like Saw and stuff like that. Except for one exception: the old version of Evil Dead


I thought the first two Saw films, although crazy gory, were still fairly clever. The rest of the series just descended into a snuff montage. The old Evil Dead movies are absolutely fantastic, not so much for quality but definitely for entertainment value.

Haven’t seen Oculus but The Conjuring is pretty good.



Really that’s exciting! Yes I have, it was ok!


Is saw even really horror?


Not IMO I think it should be an it’s own genre called GORE.


I’ll agree completely with that lol, i guess it is more of a mystery movie anyway!


Saw belongs in a sub-genre of horror I like to call snuff. Other notable films in this genre include the Hostel series and the Human Centipede series. None of them are particularly scary but they do a great job of making your stomach churn.



I agree completely. I couldn’t even bring myself to finish the second Human Centipede, it made me sick!


I have a Thing(hint hint) for old monster movies. I especially like Them!, and The Twilight Zone.


Is Monsters Inc. a horror movie? haha jk


Of course it is.



I love horror movies! My favorite is The Exorcist.

Unfortunately nothing scares my anymore.


I’ve been having that problem. It’s very depressing. :-[


I want to see ‘Bad Milo’.