What do you hope is in the Mystery Bag?


What do you hope is inside the Mystery Bag? I want to know what you guys are thinking.


Supernova and a shirt :wink:


Can somebody make an unboxing?


I’m just wondering what’s in the boxes. Especially the double-up boxes and golden box!


Can YOU make an unboxing? That would be nice. I want to know what’s in them since I didn’t end up getting one.


if there is a shirt how would they have gotten our size?


I so will when I get it!


Stickers, stickers, and stickers. But I didn’t buy a Mystery Bag.


Well, that’s rude. lol. I don’t want only stickers! Then again, I got a box, not a bag.


$140 worth of stickers would be pretty crazy XD



For The bag I’m guessing either - g funk, shaqlerstar, pads, tool, string
Or - 6061 catalyst/genesis , pads , tool , string


I would like to see a north star or a proto star. Other than that I don’t really know.

(DOGS) #13

14 A sized center tracks and a lace from a pair of Ben’s shoes.


You mean an unbagging?




this if this is what’s in it I wish I bought one

(M.DeV1) #17

I’m going big and thinking A MVP2 and two loop 1080’s.


I am hoping that the bag has a genesis or an MVP. I had to sell mine to pay for marching band gear.

(SR) #19

I hope the box is better than the bag lol


Me too. :stuck_out_tongue: