What did you get in the mail this week?


Got a Space Crown Ultra with a free NorthStar on sale for HK$345


Raw silver is lovely

(ClockMonster) #3425
  • Benchmark V, H, and O
  • Parlay
  • Gauntlet (OG b-grade)
  • Lust
  • Pickaxe

({John15}) #3426

You just got two of my most I wanted and anticipated yo-yos on my radar right now.

Parlay and pickaxe

How are they?


That is a heck of a day

(ClockMonster) #3428

Well, they arrived spread out through the week. The Gauntlet was a surprise; added for free from the seller I bought the Parlay from, but it arrived “in the mail this week,” so I figured it counted. :wink:

(ClockMonster) #3429

I’m probably not a great judge of yoyos like the Parlay and the Pickaxe. They are slightly undersized and not rim-weighted, so they tend to go all over the place due to my sloppy technique. They may prove useful in tightening up my play, though that remains to be seen.

Having said that, they are really solid, high quality throws, as you would expect from OD and CLYW. The Parlay is normally lighter than the Pickaxe, but since I have brass Markmont side effects in mine, the Parlay ends up being heavier, and you can really feel it.

Ultimately, I’d like to see someone come out with an 80% sized throw. Yoyos like the Parlay and Pickaxe are 93% throws, which are so close to normal sized as to barely qualify as “undersized” in my book. The 66% throws are a little too small for what I’m after, though a rose gold 66% Barracuda is on the way simply because it is a novelty throw I couldn’t resist. A size somewhere in between–80%–would be a really interesting product, I think. A true undersized throw that isn’t novelty-sized.


The snack: https://shop.yoyoexpert.com/products/snack-yoyo-by-recess?variant=12105967796298 is about an 87% yoyo if you are using the shutter as the average size for width and diameter. That’s not exactly what you want though…

I think I agree with you, an 80% yoyo would be awfully interesting :slight_smile:


Does this one have a size D bearing? And use Dif pads?

I’ve got a Spyy Addict from like 2004? 2005? that has a size D bearing and uses Dif pads. I’ve always worried that some day those pads would go out of stock…what would one do if this were to happen I wonder?


Contact Frank; directly…



({John15}) #3434

This guy does life ^


Yes it’s a D sized bearing and I’ve been using one drop thin pads for years.


That is what I thought when I got mine. At first I honestly didn’t care for it much, I may have had my expectations super high, and maybe not realistic. But the more I played it I really love it. Hadn’t spent a lot of time with a unresponsive A bearing yoyo for a long time. But add that to the light weight of the Quail and it makes for a very fun and unique yoyo.



(ClockMonster) #3438

Hot off the presses: VTWO in gorgeous Teal!


Unacceptable, not purple.

(ClockMonster) #3440

They seem to get along quite nicely!


One of them isn’t purple and should be hucked in the trash bin! :wink:

(Joseph) #3442

Now that look at it, the VTWO looks sleek as heck!:ok_hand: