look at waht i got in the mail

I just ordered these items last week for Chrstmas. Thank you very much YOYOEXPERT, and happy holidays.
. YYE Large contest bag
. Clyw puffin 2(hot lava)
. Oxygene io (Grey w/ pink spash)
. Kitty string 10-pack(standard)
. 7-packs of trading cards

I might do a review on these throws, but thank you for reading my post.

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Hey, congrats on the haul. I have a question though, what are those trading cards? How does that do with Yoyo’ing? Thanks.

We don’t get to see the yoyos? :’(

I thought that’s what pics were for. :wink:

Glad you’re happy!

Do the trading cards win anything? :wink:

         The trading cards all have a  yoyo player on the front and a small biography on the back. The back also features a code that you can redeem with a smartphone, to find out more info on them. Catch the informative video on Youtube. Look for the YYE Youtube page. http://youtu.be/H4qJF4T8nqQ
               Oops! Sorry!, I got so exited to start playing with these throws, that I only took one pic.( If that makes any sense at all!)

Those are nice!

How does the Oxygene io play? I’ve been eyeing it for a while now

If he got a Puffin 2, he would not have gotten it before the trading card thing was announced.

who did you get for the trading cards?? Can you list all of them PLEASE??