What did you dream last night?

Looking to start a dream thread that hopefully gets updated every morning by ya’ll :wink:

We all know dreams are non-chronological and mostly a series of visions rather than a sequential plot or storyline - so please no absurd exaggerations…let’s keep it short and sweet, and if you do end up writing a book please TLDR at the end of your post

I had an apocalyptic dream last night, whilst everyone in a panic, I elbowed the window of an orange Porsche 911, juggled the cords and zoomed away in dreamland…my kitten also got murked by some virus-infected humans :confused:


You gotta write down the dreams or you’ll forget them quickly.

I had one recently that was super super memorable though. Somehow I got inserted into a world where literally everything (except the people) had been converted into giant super complex inflatable “bouncy house” style recreations. Full buildings and furniture and objects and everything. It was so, so weird. I remember exploring one of the inflatable buildings which was apparently a music school, it had an auditorium, practice rooms, and everything. It was so bizarre to navigate such a complex inflatable structure, and it had very detailed printing on the walls (both interior and exterior) to make it look like the original real world building.

And the whole world was like this. No people though. I think part of the reason I was exploring was to try and figure out where the people went?


I’ve always wanted to start a dream journal but always too lazy to actually start it, maybe I can use this thread instead :joy:

I can’t record my interesting dreams here though…


Last dream I remember was my wife made waffles (I usually do all the cooking).

I told her about it when we woke up and she made my dream come true!


No dream sadly. I rarely dream. But when I do it’s usually way too outlandish or terrifying. I miss having adventures and fun in my dreams.


I had a pretty strange one!

We were having our end of the week performance at the Rock and Blues camp we have in my building, and this kid kept singing on the wrong side of the microphone; which was a strange large plate. I kept turning it the right way, and he kept turning it back. I finally convinced him of the proper way to use it, but the song was over. I asked the sound guy if we should start over, but he said we had to move on.

Then for some reason, I was in one of the bands; which are normally just teens or sometimes have some of the younger staff. I asked when my band would go on, and was told they had already played, and that I had slept through it!

Then I noticed that the stage was really high. Mine is only 8" high, because our ceilings aren’t high enough for any higher. The more I looked at it, the higher it got. It was like 2 stories high! Then I realized it wasn’t even my place. I was told they had to change venues.

I asked what happened, and they wouldn’t tell me. They told me to ride home with this guy who was working at camp, but who I didn’t know in real life. He would tell me what happened on the way.

I got opened his car door, and the car was filled with cat sand. I got in and on the cat sand to get in the car. He wouldn’t really tell me what happened, and I got distracted anyway, because I started to notice all this cat poop in the cat sand, and the gross smell!

That’s the last I remember of the dream, but it’s one of the clearest and best remembered dreams I’ve had in a long time,


This camp sounds like it might be kinda traumatic in real life??? Is it a source of stress? That reads like a stress dream to me.


Thing is, the camp is over for the year. This whole endeavor is pretty stressful though. I’ve got a lot on the line, and it’s not easy!


Had a sad one last night. Without going into all the details…I really freaking miss my mom. She was my best friend and really the only person in life I truly felt safe around.


People dream everynight, you just don’t remember them when you wake up. The ones you remember, well you remember them. But when you “don’t have a dream”, you do, you just don’t remember any of it

All my dreams are of the cat Marmalade


I’m sure Marmalade just dreams about food

So… I was in this yoyo store in “Fancyland” when suddenly a giant meteor came crashing down and hit my head but somehow the meteor cracked instead of my head and inside, it has a jar of pickled potatoes and then when someone opened it they ate it and they said it tasted good so they shared some with me and then I saw this weird giant throwing a prototype for the Fancypants Yoyo and then I woke up after that falling effect you usually get

tl;dr my dreams are weird

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I have alot of work dreams. Last night I had a dream that I was working and opened a box of industrial staples. Instead of staples the contents were 3 baby albino alligators in a couple inches of water.


No dream last night :pensive:

I finally remembered a dream! I do however regret having it because I dreamt I was at some sort of broad daylight haunted house where a pig man was chasing my sister and I. He cornered my sister and I feel like it’s a game of tag so if he gets you you’re out? I only remember mercilessly beating said pig man with a foam triangle. I then woke up and felt like I shouldn’t have remembered that part.

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I kissed a tree. Not even like an anthropomorphic tree. I just kissed a straight-up oak or something. I think I also punched an annoying retail customer that is so annoying i actually remember them


Also, has anyone had this happen? You sleep, you’re dreaming, it’s nonsensical as per the usual, then suddenly everything goes black, you’re staring at yourself in a dark room and you (the you that’s not the you staring at you) just says “This is a dream? Isn’t it?” Just looking straight into your eyes, down into your freaking soul. And then you just go back to whatever wacky adventure was happening. Or am I the only one scarred by that experience?

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I haven’t seen that episode in so long! I wonder if that popped up in my subconscious for some reason.

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