Lucid dreaming.

So today in English class we stumbled on the topic of lucid dreaming. My teacher was telling us about one of his friends who has lucid dreams and does these reality checks to see if he’s awake. He also told me lucid dreaming is a dreamland where you can do whatever you want and basically control reality.

So after some research I stumbled across this video

Please view this video in its entirety then prceed to comment below.

So anybody ever HAVE lucid dreams or know anybody who has? Or have even HEARD of lucid dreaming?

I’d love to hear your thoughts/experiences :slight_smile:

I’ve had a couple but they did not last long. The first one I was in a helicopter and I jump out and could kinda glide around. But once I floated to the ground I woke up. The other I was playing kickball with friends and didn’t realize I was asleep until I woke up. I used to try really hard to lucid dream but it didn’t work out and I have up

did you feel like you had control like how you would normally control your body or did you feel “outside” yourself?

I rarely dream anymore, but personally when I do I feel like I’m god watching myself do random dream stuff from the sky.

It was kinda weird. Definitely more as if I were outside my body. But I still had full control, like I had telekinetic powers that control everything. I don’t remember everything though.

Lucid dreams can be both a good thing or a bad thing.

I’ve had tonnes of them myself, so I’ve become quite able to remain in a dream state once I realise that I’m dreaming. I even have it sometimes where I can feel that I’m laying in my bed but I’m still dreaming. Although at that point it’s a battle not to wake up, one that I usually lose.

Most of the time when I go lucid and realise I’m dreaming I pretty much just go god-mode and start destroying stuff or flying around/building stuff. It’s difficult to maintain for a long period of time so I usually find myself either eventually waking up or falling back to sleep properly.

I find I’m able to go lucid best when I’m lying in. Like, in the morning when you don’t have to get up and you roll over, sleep for 10 minutes, wake up, roll over, sleep for 15 minutes etc I find I go lucid quite regularly.

However. The brain is a complicated thing and it can sometimes go wrong. My worst experiences whilst being lucid are these.

1. I was about 13 when I woke up but was unable to stop dreaming. I had my eyes open and I was rolling around in bed but I couldn’t see anything besides the dream. I was poking and rubbing my eyes, pinching myself, slapping myself, flailing about and yelling but I couldn’t stop dreaming. It took a good full minute or so of blind panic before I was finally able to start seeing part of my room, and eventually everything came into focus. Still remember it so vividly 10 years later, one of the freakiest experiences of my life.

2. Recently actually, a few months ago. Went all inception and I kept waking up within my dreams. So I “woke up” in my bed (and could feel myself in bed in real life), when all of a sudden my sister walked in without a head and attacked me, I tried to scream and could feel myself trying to scream in real life but I couldn’t get it out or move (sleep paralysis). Then I “woke up” from that into my bed and then the same thing happened again (headless sister stormed in and went crazy at me).

This honestly repeated about 5 or 6 times and by the time I was finally awake I honestly had lost complete grasp of what was reality, was sweating buckets and my throat was hoarse from attempting to scream. Had to get up and splash my face with cold water and watch funny videos on youtube to shake myself out of it. shudders

So yeh. Lucid dreaming is epic if done right, but if it goes wrong, it’s effin’ terrifying.


That’s amazing stuff.

Gambit, #1 is fairly normal. Your mind simply kept going when you woke up.

#2 is also fairly common, and neither are nothing to be afraid of, or should discourage anyone.

Yeh it’s just freaky when it happens for the first time. Wouldn’t let it deter anyone though, its not like you’re in any real danger or anything. :slight_smile:

I remember one epic lucid dream where I was being chased by a bunch of government guys in suits. They had me cornered in a stairwell when I suddenly remember that I was asleep and went all lucid. I then proceeded to shout the exact words “this is my world, and in this world, I AM GOD!” and proceeded to blow everything within site to absolute smithereens.

It was freaking awesome. Why can’t I have dreams like that more often?

That’s it, I’m going to bed.

Did you feel like your normal self though? Like you could do the wave with your arms or like run around in a circle… Or was it kind of like a video game and you were the main character. And was controlling yourself with your thoughts…

It’s just like making up stuff in your head, but it feels like your really there.

Lucid dreamer checking in.

Experienced a bit. A lot of the time I can influence my dreams but if I mess with them too much I wake up.

I love lucid dreaming. You literally be the master of your world. Beware though, when you start lucid dreaming, nightmares are more frequent and realistic. On the bright side, since the nightmares were more realistic, they helped me get over some of my fears!

All of the above, it really does vary, lucid dreaming is the exact opposite of consistent.

This. Sometimes if I’m on the verge of waking/can feel myself in bed then it’s a bit like watching myself as a video game character, and other times it feels like I’m right there in person. It varies wildly.

I should have been in bed ages ago. It’s nearly midnight, but I started yoyoing and the time ran away with me (you know how it is). Goodnight my American amigos.

Man that is some pretty interesting stuff right there. I have only experienced this once. It was when I was a kid. I was playing with my friends outside in my dreams, then I suddenly looked at my hands and they were glowing. I suddenly realized that it was not normal and that it was a dream. I decided to fly up, but as I was bout to do it, I woke up. So there was really no fun in mine, but it is an interesting subject. I’m gonna try to do reality checks more often so I can experience this haha :smiley:

Man, I really need to get back into it. I just kinda gave up with my schoolwork and stuff this year.

How would you like try to obtain lucid dreams?

Hm but putting work into sleeping sounds like an oxymoron

Supposedly (I’m not sure if it’s true. If it’s false, correct me.) if you play video games more often, you have a higher chance of having lucid dreams. I looked back at when I started playing games. I saw a huge increase in lucid dreams. I usually end up becoming Spider-Man or the human torch :slight_smile: