A very intereseting experience I made this morning

Here’s what happened:

I went to bed very late (about 2:30 AM), but had accidentaly set my alarm to go off at 7 AM. As a result of this, the alarm woke me up and I was incredibly tired so I just did the three math problems to turn it off (this is an amazing feature I have on my alarm, I am on a 8 month streak of no oversleeping because of the math). Now there wasn’t really any reason for me to get out of bed, so I went back to sleep. I slept for about an hour and a half before I woke up from a dream, then I had two half-hour periods of sleep.

Here’s the deal:

I woke up from 3 different dreams in a period of less than 3 hours. I basically jumped in and out of reality over a short period of time. When I finally got out of bed, I felt like I was almost trapped between reality and fiction. I simply couldn’t tell the difference, I had no idea if my surroundings were real or just images projected by my brain. It was an otherworldly experience. A bit scary, but at the same time it felt amazing. I was assured that everything was real when I started eating, don’t know why, but I assume it’s because you can’t taste things in your dreams.

I’m not sure if I can or want to recreate this, not sure if it’s healthy either (both physically and mentally).

That happens to me every now and then. I hate that feeling.

Dreaming is just your brain faking reality by faking senses. What you feel in a dream is what you’d feel in real life.

You should totally lucid dream. Also, you can taste things in dreams. I’ve done it before.

Phht…you’re dreaming ::slight_smile: !

Now I have to check. >:(

Stole it bro… Pizza is very good in dreams.

I always wake up right before something good happens, aka about to put a slice of pizza in my mouth or clicking the checkout button on YYE with 10 Ti Walkers and 20 Skywalkers in my cart.

I had one ream where UPS guy brought me two moving box sized boxes full of YYR’s.

A few comments/questions:

  1. Two boxes!!Why did you wake up?

  2. One yo in the hand beats two boxes in a dream.

Hmm…I’ve heard that if your lacking in sleep for a long period of time you will it’s rally go into REM sleep while walking around your daily life. Somewhat like sleepwalking. Although this is always seems like a dream, even if you were out and actually did what you dreamt, and this is almost always forgotten.

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That’s the middle of the school year for me.

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I laughed at the second one. :slight_smile: I didn’t have a choice at waking up… My alarm went off. At least I got to use a few though…

Maybe you’re still dreaming! O.o

I always wake up at the best parts too. One time, I was reading the “sponsored players list” here, and I saw that Raytsh posted a few of his team members that were missing from the list, and one of them was me :o
then I woke up :frowning:

For anyone who wants to learn about lucid dreaming

I haven’t had any of that type of experience before but the thing that happens to me now and then is, when I’m half asleep, I sometimes have a short dream of myself falling down a cliff and then I wake up. When I wake up I have a sudden shake because I’m not used to the gravity and I don’t remember lying down. Has anyone else had this before? :smiley:

Yup. If your falling, you always feel that way waking up. I also get a similar experience when running in nightmares and then waking up.

No but I believe my brother use to wake up after he had hit the ground and bounced a few times! He always woke up in the worst state of mind and I wont even try to describe the visual aspect of his appearance! Let’s just say …YIKES!

“don’t try and bend the spoon,
That’s impossible.
only try to realize the truth.”

“what truth?”

“There is no spoon.”

Best matrix quote… Ever!