Lucid dreaming.

Makes sense. I was playing Tomb Raider before I went to sleep last night and my dream greatly resembled it (Although it was in first person). One major difference was that I was collecting yoyos instead of survival stuff. I almost became lucid too; so close…

I’ve had lucid dreams on a few occasions. I’m finding some ways to “force” it. Lucid dreaming is amazing, and it’s a shame I don’t have more time to cultivate it (because it does take a lot of time to get this going). Some times when I have a day of I will sleep for extended periods of time.

This was something that happened to me on accident a while back, where I woke up from a dream and just wanted to go back into it, so I went back to sleep. I spent like 4 hours going in and out of sleep and when I did get out of my bed I wasn’t really sure if I was awake or dreaming. Ever since that happpened to me I’ve googled up on it and tried cultivating it when I have time. Every now and then it will happen, and it just gets more amazing for every single time. You feel like you can control the entire universe around you and create your perfect world, if only for a short moment.

that’s sort of happened to me before. For example, I would go a while without playing call of duty or something. And my dreams would resemble it. I’d play it the next day and my dreams would have nothing to do with call of duty in anyway. I think dreaming is an amazing thing. I love learning more about it whenever I can.

I once had a lucid dream. I woke up in my bed (in my dream) and I walked around a bit. Then things turned bad. I checked the time on my clock, it was 11:29 (still remember) then looked back and it was 12:00. Midnight. Soon, my house was flooding. It seemed so real, and Drowning is my worst fear. I screamed, but noone could hear me. They (my family) seemed to be acting completely normal. I told myself it was a dream, but I couldn’t wake up. Then, the scenery changed, and I was back in my bed. I woke up in real life to discover that I was sweating like an animal and choking on my own spit. On the bright side, I was able to lucid dream again and I dreamed about doing a brent stole. I couldn’t do it at the time, but whhen I woke up and actually tried it, it played out just like it did in the dream, and I mastered it.

It can be good or bad. Just remember that it is just a dream.

I had a Lucid Dream last night. I was in Walmart and went down the toy aisle to check out the yo-yos. Instead of finding only a Duncan Butterfly, there was quite the selection of beginner plastics. Then behind a row of Fireballs I noticed a plain Burlap sack hanging. When I opened it there was a G2 OG Swirl Banshee and a G2 Life in the Gotham colorway. Both came without boxes and were neatly tucked into G2 coozies. I tried them both and debated on whether I should buy, but since this was a Lucid Dream and not a nightmare I was able to find my way to the register and make the purchase.

Then when I woke up I noticed that during the night I had received an email from @G2_Jake informing me that his new amazing clear cases were in stock and available. Not exactly the same, but still it felt like a dream come true.

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This is the kind of dream where I excepted the register to be broken or your card doesn’t work haha

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Heard about it looooong time ago. VERY interesting subject. I could never get it to work but also didn’t try THAT hard due to fear. When me and my friends were learning about it we read that you could get sleep paralysis and see a black figure… so i got scared and stopped trying.

I know it’s a bit of a necro, but it’s an absolutely fascinating subject. I am by no means an expert, with only roughly 50 lucid dreams to my name over about a year of practise, but it’s one of my favourite hobbies besides yoyoing. The feeling you get finally, after forever of trying to get one is amazing, and absolutely worth the effort. Only one had sleep paralysis, and I can assure there is nothing scary about it as long as you don’t expect it to be.

Since you resurrected this i just got done reading and was wondering if anyone has experienced sleep paralysis and what it was like for you. It has hapoened to me a frw times and it was absolutely terrifying.