I may be a bit crazy...

I’m not sure if this is a dream or not. I think it was.

 There was this guy on television showing different kinds of kendama. He had a Hindu one, a Mongolian one, and a Japanese one.

That was a dream, right?

If you’re just remembering it after waking up then more than likely…

Don’t kendama before bed kids!

I wish i had cool dreams…

I can remember dreams any time of day. I’ve been known to confuse them with reality before…

Those dreams when you know your dreaming are awesome.

Lucid dreams?

Yeah, now I realize it was a dream. I will now describe the damas.


Mongolian–one giant scoop-like thing attached to a handle. The handle continued through it and formed a spike. The top of the scoop and base of it both had cups. The ball was being spiked, ramped of the scoop, and caught in the spikes

Hindu-- a stick with a spike at the top, a cup at the bottom, and a trough running up the stick with very small cups running down. They weren’t really cups, just indentations.


My grandma thinks all of her dreams are real life. Lets see… Once she thought that my brother was selling oranges for pennies, she once thought that her doughter was getting re-mairied to denis preager (her fav. radio guy), and lots other that I cant remember.

Did the mushrooms on your pizza taste “different?”

No, I was jamming with Rush.

What’s the pizza for?

The other day, I had a dream where I ran out of string. It might have been the scariest dream I’ve ever had.

couldn’t you. Just make more string?
Also I had A dream that yyj made a documentary that if you watch it all your yoyoing skills was sucked away to make a robot named Hiroyuki Suzuki that well take over yoyo every contest.

You see, how I ran out of sting was that I was trying to make some, but I burned my house down by accident, destroying all of the string that I had


Do you remember specific details? Like what you were doing before watching TV? If not, then it’s probably a dream.