Had a dream I was killin it at kendama

But I’ve never touched one.

Where do I even start? Is there really a noticeable difference between a 12 and 50 dollar kendama?


That is so Awesome! I just had a dream last night that I beat Evan Nagao in the 2025 Battle of the Planets Yoyo Championship! His finals tally was 12.5 and mine was 102.7 out of 100. I think my double backflip while doing Superman and Ladder Escape pretty much sealed the deal🤓

We have a lot in common; bro


That sounds nuts man, Evan didn’t stand a chance


Well, I had a trick up my sleeve. The Contest was held at midnight. Evan and I were doing a face off battle. At the stroke of 12:05am; my pet monkey flipped the breaker and the place went pitch black.
My tactical night vision goggles were Totally worth the 10 cents I paid on Overstock.com

If Evan only knew my Senior citizen nickname was Busta-moves; he would have saved himself from a losing battle.


I have an extra Kendama I can mail you if you want to try it!


Dude! Yes!

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Time to fire up the google machine. I’m seeing the word kendama far too much to not know what it is. Time to change that.

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Mind blown.


You have those dreams too?! I do not own a Kendama but I do know the basics and can spike the ball. Which one of these fellas were you in your dream. I will be the opposite of your choice.


There are a lot of differences between $13 and $50. They both will play well, but $50 is obviously going to be exceptional. I wouldn’t start with a $13 dollar kendama, because it dampens the experience. I would start at around $20. I would recommend one of these:


Dude that was nuts!! Woaaaah! That part where he had the two kens and the one in the middle was spinning like a Top. Mind-blown


I could watch that vid every day.

I am amazed at anything I can’t do. I am astounded by anything I probably couldn’t learn if they tried to teach me.

And I am mesmerized by people that make really hard stuff look ‘easy’.

I think I recognize those two guys.

One is Bruce Lee and the other is Jackie Chan.

I would Love to see how judges would react to those guys on a TV talent show?

For some reason; more often than not; talent show judges just can’t deal with epic skill toy Skills. Their brains just can’t grasp the complexity of what is happening before their eyes.

But I have noticed many, many times the Audience is much more appreciative and able to recognize Awesome skills.

And I would call that 5 minute video a ‘Standing Ovation’.



one of the best kendama edits out there

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lol I had a dream where I picked up a spin top for the first time and was pulling off tricks like it was nothing!