Kendama, Yay or Nay?

How are people liking kendamas? Favorite kendama? Anything you want to post about them post here!

Neigh ima horse. But seriously, Yay. They’re a fun skill toy. Too bad I’m terrible at them.

Kendama is great.

Here is the coolest kendama I own:
That is a Grip modified Ozora Ken with a Sweets Matte Marble Tama.

Here is my whole collection:
Here is how I rank them:

  1. Yellow / Seafoam Sweets Matte Marble. This thing is my best player.
  2. Red Grip / Sweets Matte Marble combo. This one is a close 2nd in playability.
  3. Seafoam Chameleon Sweets Aisuru. Gorgeous and fun to play. Is a bit slippery though.
  4. Red Ozora tama w/ Sweets stained ken. Pretty decent. Don’t play it that much though.
  5. Green w/ black strip Tribute. I honestly don’t like this one. I use it as a beater. Spacewalks over concrete (and I can’t land spacewalks yet… lol).

Here is my latest kendama edit. I am still a noob, but I am proficient enough to have fun!

I’m really not getting into this kendama thing. I think it’s a great thing, but it’s just not my thing. I might get a sticky and a PILL, maybe a couple of others(ozora), but probably not. It just isn’t clicking for me.

At the same time, I would encourage everyone to try this. It’s affordable to get into so it’s worth the time and effort to determine yes or no for yourself.

Then again, I’m busy working on 4A skills and spin tops, so I’m fairly well occupied with things right now. Ain’t nothing wrong with that. Not all skill toys work for all people.

don’t worry neither am I studio. How it went for me is I tried it dog chewed it up and didn’t like it cause I got bored. However my brother likes it a lot however.

A bit of advice: don’t buy a cheap/no name/off brand kendama as your first kendama. They’ll just disappoint you. Get at least a KUSA Classic. Those are pretty darn nice for the money.

Ugh I wanna begin Kendama but I don’t quite have the money for one yet lol. Torture!

Better do some chores :wink:

I have a Mugen and it’s like a piece of crap I threw it away.

Like I’m nit even joking at all guyz!

where’s your trash can? I have a bit of dumpster diving to do. :wink:

Well, I always incinerate my trash before I throw it out, and the Mugen deserved two incinerations.

Its that crappy.

I just got my first kendama. It is a TK16 and it is a ton of fun! It is pretty slippery though. I wish I would have gotten a Sweets ATack or something like that so it would be easier to learn on. I guess this will just make me better! :smiley:

Where do you get these badass Tamas and the custom grips? I bought myself a Trans KUSA the other day.

The tama was ordered from “Sweets Kendamas”. I purchased a whole kendama, and then removed the stock ken.

The ken is from “Grip Kendamas”. Once again, I ordered a whole kendama, and then just removed the stock Ozora tama.

Oh, too late lol I already bought a KUSA Trans one from YYE.

Nice! Im sure you will like it. You should wait until you are certain that you like kendama before getting a custom set-up like that. That Sweets/Grip combo cost me about $100 to put together.

I don’t understand kendama. Too much stop n go for me. I wasn’t even a cup n ball guy.

I just picked up Kendama a couple months ago and I must say, It is quite addicting. My first kendama was a KendamaUSA tribute and my second was a Sweets Seafoam aTack. Both are great companies and make great kendamas. My pill also came in the mail a couple days ago and i’m falling in love with that quickly as well. I love the satisfying “clack” when you land on the spike! I agree with Studio42 in that it is very affordable to get into, which is frankly why I decided to give it a shot. Not to mention its a great workout for your knees! haha

I actually love Kendamas now. It was easy to get in because I have experience with this Mexican toy called a “Balero,” which is a big chunk of wood with a hole connected to a spike with a string.

This guy clearly plays his kendamas to the bitter end. Yet, look at the tama on the tk16. Bulletproof.