Anyone interested in Kendama?

This board seems very quiet. Let’s check in to see what brand of Kendamas people have. I own a blue Tribute and a yellow Ozora. At this point in my playing I prefer the Tribute by far. I like the little extra weight.


I have a yomega wood kendame, and I can land the ball on the big cup. Does that count? Haha

Sounds good enough to me :). I’ve had my kendama for about a month and not doing much better.

I started kendama around October last year. My collection:

  1. $1.50 kendama
  2. Green Ozora
  3. Pink Ozora
  4. KendamaUSA Alex Smith Pro Model
  5. Sparkling Green Mugen Musou
  6. Snow Gold Mugen Musou

Both Musous are my go-to kendamas.

I have
A green sunrise street kendama
A red and white Duncan Komodo,
A red and white tribute,
And a purple sweets attack,

Most of my experience is on the sunrise,
I’ve started 4 days ago, and can somewhat consistently land
Around the world.
Airplane eludes me though lol

I have been playing for about 2 years. I have 20+ kendama but I just lost count lol. My favorite is ozoras, I like lighter kendamas. Still don’t have a musou… Need… Mugen…

I have a green Ozora and a Kendama Usa Turner Thorne Pro Model. Ozora is crazy beat and the Pro Model has a big chip out of it (from dropping it) that makes the balance way off.

Planning on buying a sweets focus today, and getting an Orange Mugen Musou when they’re released. can’t wait.

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I have a bamboo form Kendama Co, an aTack from Sweets, and a red Ozora. I like the aTack just because it’s a ton easier to land stuff on which makes me feel much better than I really am and I’ve broken it in a good amount. I also like the bamboo because it’s really light and soft. Some good stuff.

I’ve been rackin my brain can anyone help me pick out my first kendama there is so man dang different choices!!

Very interested in kendama! Sadly I don’t have a way to try it.

I am very interested in kendama, but I need one

To you guys just go to sweets kendamas website and they just released the focus which is $22 and very durable. Should be a great beginning Kendama :). But as for me, I’ve been playing Kendama for about a month and can spike, around the world, airplane and do jumping stick! I can tell I would be able to do lighthouse but since I just have a sweets stain with no finish on it it slips off super easy :stuck_out_tongue: but so far it’s been a lot of fun

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I have been playing kendama for about a month now and I can do tricks like one turn lighthouse, spacewalk to handroll to spike, and most bird tricks. Does anyone know a more advanced kendama than my tribute? It’s super slippery( by the way I do one turn lighthouses on my friends kendama because it is impossible to do it on a tribute) and I want to upgrade to something that doesn’t chip easily and is good for balance tricks like lighthouses or lunars.

I’ve been playing kendama 2 months now, i’ve landed spacewalk and around the universe once. im pretty consistent with around the world, around japan, and earth, and im starting to land lighthouses.

I have to Ken’s so far

  1. Sticky white Ozora
  2. Green tk-16.

both play awesome and the ozora has the perfect amount of stickiness, not to sticky but sticky enough to help in balance tricks. for beginners i’d say go with an ozora, tk-16, or a tribute. i’ve never played on a tribute but ive heard good stuff about them. my friend got a sweets natty and it’s balance was way off it was horrible compred to mine, and i’ve read that sunrise ken’s arent always durable. also just practise practise practise, for awhile it seems like ur getting nowhere but if you keep at it wou’ll get it.