kendama kraze?

So theres a Kendama Kraze (for mortal kombat players) going on in the yoyo community and I was wondering if there was a yoyo craze going on in the kendama community. Thad be funny right?

Also im going to get a kendama pretty soon, any recommendations for those that play?

Just starting as well, getting a Kendama tomorrow, seems fun enough.

Its probably all the same, as probably the most active kemdama forum is the one here!

Lol… I just ordered mine last night.

I got a Sweets Seafoam Chameleon with a Golden Oak Stained Ken.

The Sweets Aisuru finish is supposedly chip resistant. When the tama gets dented the paint bends with the hit, instead of chipping.

Heres the video that sold me on getting one with the Aisuru finish.

I have been playing with mine all day, picked up my chief for a few minuets, then picked up the kendama.

No kendama yet, but I got a pill from Terra which I love love love. I’ll probably pick up a ken from them too (that’s Terra Kendama from Canada-so you know it’s good :stuck_out_tongue: )

i got one of these last june and even made a thread about it. Great to see it catching on. I Should have bought a bunch before they blew up.

YYE will be getting them “very soon” according to their FB page… ill probably try to snag one before they sell out… which im assuming they will on a YYE’s first run with them.

I had mine for a few months But I never got really into it

I like my yoyos way better …

So yea trading mine away lol.

I honestly don’t see the big deal.

Just got a green purple chameleon! Can’t wait!

Nice 8)

its just a fun skill toy like yoyos. And like everything, we see one person doing it and it explodes. im sure it will die out eventually… maybe not… who knows

Has anyone realized that most Kendama players look like burnouts?

hahaha so true.

Just got a green ozora kendama after seeing this thread. Haha

Lets see those selfies, guys.

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Exactly. I’ve had people also ask, “How can you have fun with a fixed axle?” But I love playing fixed, some days even more than unresponsive bearing-axle yoyos.

I suspect I’ll enjoy Kendama as well. Local toy shop has some cheap $20 wooden ones… Wish I knew the brand so I could find out if it’s at least not total garbage.

Toy store at the mall has some cheep kendamas. I could get one of those, but they also carry these Yomega mod yo-yo’s. So i’ll get both.

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