kendama kraze?

I was gonna argue that they’re not… bu sponsored kendama players definitely do ahaha.

I found an Eagle brand Kendama at a local toy place for $21.

Same deal as the sweets where the paint doesn’t chip, but will “dent” instead. almost like a thick plastic shrink wrap around the Tama.

Anyhow… as far as why?

Personally I like to see inspiration crossover from other sources. Since the Kendama is a skill toy, there’s probably a lot more room for that inspiration to crossover than say… piano, or going to an art gallery (which isn’t to say that those things won’t inspire good yoyo tricks either…)

It’s no different than yo-yo. There’s no “reason” for it other than perhaps a creative outlet that someone enjoys.

If you enjoy it, sweet!

If you don’t… sweet!

it has no bearing on how good of a person you are or aren’t. :wink:

My 18-year old son got one at Cal States, and at first is was like, whoa, this is hard. But, he kept messing with it and everytime he hit something, it was like that little reward that keeps you coming back. Now, he’s checking out videos and coming out of his room every five minutes to show the new thing he just landed, and giving me a try.

Yesterday I was up early to go to work and I hear the familiar clack, clack. I go to his room and hear a quick rustling before I peek in and he’s just sitting there with that look on his face, “Who, me?”

It’s addicting.

Yeah its definitely fun and addicting, but not as gratifying as throwing for me…

I like playing it as a break from throwing, but tricks seem to be more hit or miss with kendama and it can get more frustrating. Much patience and practice is needed.

Kendama is great! Get an ozora they are the best. I own all makes pretty much and ozora is still my favorite. Can’t go wrong with JKA certified. Sunrise is awesome too and sweets has the dopest paint.

I took a shot in the dark and bought the first one listed off of another website and it was an ozora. Guess I got lucky. Haha

I don’t see the big deal with them, I have no desire to follow this trend.

I guess to each his own.

Kendamas are fun, remind a little bit of 5a, still though, yoyos are the funnest of them all!

Well… I went to the Japanese souvenir shop at my local mall today. They had these miniature junk kendamas for $2.50! I picked one up to keep me busy until my nice setup arrives.

After playing for an hour or 2 it is starting to feel really comfortable. Im able to land in all 3 cups, Airplane, Pull-Up Spike, Clack, and Orbit already. I have a permanent grin on my face. It feels just like the first time I landed a trapeze on a yoyo! My only complaint is im getting sore from doing Dama Squats all day. lol :smiley:

The dexterity and coordination I developed form throwing is most definetly making kendama easier.

Only thing i don’t get is how you determine what makes a good kendama ?

Weight balance, durability, cup precision, aesthetics, spike length and shape… things like that. Basically $20-$30 will get you an amazing kendama. Higher prices are just for fancy paint jobs.

okay cause i saw one at a skill toy shop and i kinda want to pick one up.

If you want to buu one a cheap sunrise is just good to start with. I got a few sunrise, oozora and a kendamausa promodel. And now i want to get into yoyo to haha

It’s hilarious to see this from a yoyo player.

Looks like fun. I’ve been wanting to try one. They’re hard to hold with a yoyo in your hand though.

Wait… yoyoing with a kendama in your hand… doing tricks with both at the same time… hmm…

This would most definitely be possible. You would need to have a solid 3A game though.

I would think it would be difficult to do if you were good at 3A. It’s completely different movements which would throw someone off. It would take extreme amount or practice and patience though.

I think 5A would make more sense, you could use tie the counter weight and the tama together, and have them act together, it would be SUPER difficult though.

Hahaha… I can imagine this. Yoyo - String - Ken - String - Tama.

Doing a chopsticks combo with the left hand while juggling the kendama with the right. I wish I had the skill / courage to attempt this. lol :smiley:

The yoyo has blown up with in the Kendama USA and Kengarden crew! I’m in the Vegas airport shooting myself throw! I’m starting to flow with it. I’m for sure hooked. We kick it with the yoyo factory peeps every time we go do a toy fair or convention. They show is yoyo tricks and we show them Kendama tricks and how to party. =)

BTW. I’m cracking up at the burnout comment. Who do you think is the “most burnout” player?

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