Should I try Kendama?

I have been yo-yoing for years now and it is the most fun thing ever. Nowadays everyone is getting into Kendama like its the next big thing. Are Kendamas replacing yoyos? Even CLYW is making Kendamas now!!! I want to try one to see what the hype is about. Also, why are kendamas attracting so much hype? are they really that fun? I don’t see it but maybe I’m blinded by my love for yoyos. Is it worth buying one?

Buy one and find out.

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Replacing yoyos? HA.

The only way to know is to buy one and find out. I’ve got one, and sure it’s fun every once in a while, but I never really have an urge to use it like I do with my yoyos. I’d recommend getting the cheapest one you can find, just to test it out. Don’t bother getting one of the fancy paint job ones on your first time around. Spend the 10 bucks or whatever, and if you find yourself enjoying it consistently for more than a couple weeks, then snag a nicer one.

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I really enjoy yoyoing much more than kendamas. I just don’t find them that much fun to be honest. However, I absolutely recommend that you try one. It can be fairly inexpensive and you might just love it. Why not try it? Why listen to someone, that feels the way I do about kendama, talk you out of it?

Yeah I know, it seems odd that I don’t care for it but that I’d recommend it. The truth is, I love watching people play, that love it. That enthusiasm, desire, and elation, that shines when people are doing what they are passionate about, makes me feel good irregardless of the activity.

No reason to cheat yourself out of the experience. Try it!



I have been yoyoing for three years and I just started playing Kendama like 2 weeks or so.
For me it’s a nice break from yoyoing but the joy given by yoyoing can’t be matched by Kendama (IMO).
I hit more miss than landing tricks. If you’re not patient you’ll get frustrated with it. I was before. Haha

Give it a try. Who knows if it’s for you. But above all, have fun!

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Around here, kendama is crushing yoyo, but that’s because more places carry kendama than yoyo, but that’s about to change.

And the interesting thing is that the kendama people are trying yoyo, and of course, many of the yoyo people are trying kendama. I have a couple of kendamas, and honestly, I like yoyo a LOT better, to the point where I think I might buy a "sticky’ kendama, and a JKA stamped kendama and probably call it a day after that. Maybe a Pill for variety. It just doesn’t click for me. I took one on my recent trip to Vietnam and I didn’t even touch it except to keep adjusting it in it’s holder because the holder kept slipping open.

So, should you? Maybe. The positive thing is that in general, kendama stays way more affordable than yoyo. For under $30(maybe under $20), you can get a great quality kendama and figure out if you like it or not.

Don’t buy one because you feel compelled to. If you do buy one, buy one because you’re actually interested in it at some level and want to give it an honest try.

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I just bought one a couple days ago cuz i wanna try it. It’s pretty inexpensive so if it looks interesting just do it!!

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go for it. I think they’re sold out of the classics here in every colour but wood, so if you’re not willing to pay ~$26 shipped for one of the tributes, you can get any colour steeze kendama for ~$20 shipped.

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Dynikus i ordered a steeze… Are they any good?

I’ve only had mine for less than a week, and it’s the first ken I’ve had. So I really have nothing to compare it to. But I like it so far. It’s supposed to be similar in shape to the ozora OG, which I hear good things about.

Yeah i decided to order a steeze cuz that kid always has a variety of kendamas for sale and i figured he’d be honest considering i implied i was a gaurenteed sale

Kendama is definitely fun. It takes a lot of work to build consistency though. Tricks are much harder to land than with a yoyo, but the reward is higher in my opinion.

[yoyo] When I landed my first Spirit Bomb I was like, “Oh sweet. I did it!”

[kendama] When I landed my first Lunar I was like, “AAAHHHHHHH!!!” Then I did a victory dance.

There is a lot more room for creativity, personality, and style with yoyos. Kendama is kinda straight foward, with a much smaller trick vocabulary.

On the other hand, kendama is a great lower body work out. After a good hour of practice with proper form (using heavy knees for every catch), You will be totally sweaty. Your legs will also become much stronger. My calfs got huge since I started playing kendama.

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I’ve been trying out kendama, and I’ve gotta say, it’s probably just as good as yoyoing for me. I change, some days I play kendama, and that’s it. On others, yoyoing the whole time. It changes. Both seem to have the same room for creativity, and I love both.

But maybe that’s just me. :wink:

I tried one at Cal States and it was really fun!

Buy one and if you don’t like it sell it on the BST.

CLYW makes Kendamas?

CLYW is just having some yoyos branded for them for now. I wouldn’t be surprised that CLYW is looking to put a true Caribou Lodge influence on the Kendama.

Right now, I’m definitely looking to get a sticky, maybe a Pill, and for sure one that is meeting JKA regulation.

I bought one for the lulz a week or so ago. I found a $4 unbranded/unpainted one on ebay. After playing with it for a few minutes I found it oddly addicting. It is different. I would recommend finding a cheap one to try it out. My sister and I always have very heated games of “Ken”. They usually end in us throwing things at each other(We aren’t mature at all =P).

I own a couple, Sweets, Ozora, and Tributes, and honestly they’re pretty boring. Tried so hard to get into it as it’s cheaper than yoyoing, but nah, couldn’t do it. Maybe i’m just lazy. Kendama requires lots of effort. Sometimes i just want to chill and throw, all that knee bending and balancing stuff requires too much energy. Plus it takes so long to set up to practice stuff like light houses, bird, etc. that it takes forever to learn tricks. Brb stand perfectly still, wait for the ken or tama to stop spinning and be straight, try trick, fail, spend another 45 seconds setting up, repeat. No thanks. That said i do enjoy watching edits with amazing tricks, just not for me.

i tried one … got kinda bored with it after a bit … i didnt really watch any videos or anything

I ended up trading it or selling it … cant remember…

I might get one of the super stick like Studio mentioned… seems like its might be a lil bit easier too use…

I had a regular tribute … but like i said … i kinda got bored with it … but hey… you might not

I wish mine would get here quicker… the Steeze guy takes 1-2 days to “process”… lol ok

I dont believe that kendamas are replacing yoyos but i would still recomend picking one up as i have had lots of fun with me