What the heck is a kendama I can’t find info anywhere! I don’t know what it does.

They’re very dangerous. If you find one on the sidewalk, leave it alone, don’t touch it. Call the authorities and stay far away from it.

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This should explain it :wink:


Aaah thank you. I was wondering. That video was hilarious.

LOL! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: good one!

Kendama will lead you down the road of obsession and addiction to rival that of the yo-yo :o

What did I just watch?

Don’t fall for the kendama’s lies, you are better than the kendama

the kendama is interesting but I don’t have one because I only want to focus on yoyos that is also why I don’t get a spin top.If you are interested in them you can get a clyw kendama from yoyoexpert for$30 or you can get a mini kendama for$40 but remember once you pick one up it is hard to stop :wink:

or you can get one of the much cheaper options, like this one - $^^^

-sorry, i messed up that post :stuck_out_tongue:

only 10 bucks

I don’t like plastic yoyos spin tops or kendama but that is aa good deal for a starter

No. I absolutely disagree. This product breaks easily and is not durable. Only reason mine hasn’t broken is because I stopped playing it. I’ve seen 10 others broken right under the cross-section and simply won’t glue back together. I may try epoxy resin on one this weekend on a broken one i have laying around if I kept it. I do think I trashed it.

If you’re not sure, get a low-cost Kendama USA model or even the Yomega Pro Kendama(it’s wood). Duncan has a Kendama.

Yhea, I only recommended that because I saw the price tag for a beginner model, but i havent played one. I have a Kendama USA model (one of the cheaper ones) and that thing has taken some serious abuse :smiley:

The one I’m gonna try to repair(unless I threw it away) was played with for less than 10 minutes before breaking, and it was via very light-duty play.

Granted, my kids have a reputation for destroying things, but there was no destruction attempts involved.

I’d say any sub-$20 Kendama is a great starter. That’s roughly the same price point I use for newbies and yoyos. My 3 girls all have kendamas, but none play with them. My boy, the one who yoyos, has a few kendamas. The Tribute Classic is an ideal starter.

Branching out makes your yoyoing more unique. I do almost everything from juggling, to spintops, to kendama, and it makes a great improvement on my yoyoing. In fact, I usually do a different skill toy before my freestyles, and it helps me land all of my tricks better.
Don’t limit yourself to one thing.

yhea i think thats the one i have :smiley: But now i know to not recommend that one anymore!