Should i try Kendama?

So even though I haven’t been in the yo-yo scene that much (1 week and already 70$ to nothing) and also kind of “losing” some interest in yo-yo especially after i realized that yo-yo is more recognized as 1A rather than “actual yo-yo” (IMO no offense) i found about Kendama, it looks very interesting to tell the truth, very unique… in a good way :smiley:
As compared to yo-yo’ing, how is it? pretty dumb question but is it “addicting” like throwing?
I live in Israel so getting a Kendama will be difficult :smiley: but hopefully eBay can help me.
Information about the hobby will happy me no doubt ;D

It’s definitely worth a try! There isn’t really too much to explain at first, just pick up a kendama and see how you like it.

I find it’s just as addicting as yo-yoing and just as challenging to learn. It’s nice to have something different to do, and if you are already losing some interest in yo-yo then kendama may be a welcome break.

We do ship to Israel as well and depending on the shipping options you choose it isn’t too unreasonable.

Thanks for the answer! :slight_smile:
How much would the shipping of product to Israel cost around?

I found it took me a while of picking it up here and there before I finally “got” the addiction of it. It’s really fun once you get going.

Oh thanks :), cool. I’m looking forward towards this “hobby”, hopefully i can get one in my hands in the next month

It’s hard to estimate just by country. You can add the kendama to your cart and once you fill in your address it should give you shipping costs.

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Oh, okay thanks

interested in what you mean by this.

also kendamas are great fun. and be found cheap just about anywhere.

Do it! Once you learn some tricks it becomes addicting.

Also, if I remember correctly, there is a brand of kendama made in Israel. Check out Google and Facebook.
You can also join the Facebook Kendama Community:


Kendama ISR

you should try it!

but dont undereste mate it, its much harder then it looks like.
stard with basics just like yo-yo

i,m a yo-yo player for 2 years now, so i was pritty good in kendama instant, like cuping was no problime ad all.

and now after 3 months i,m totaly hooked up and play kendama more then yo-yo
and i,m learning lunars and lighthouse flips already.

I can’t bring myself to like kendama. It’s a dumb shallow ego driven concept but… I think kendama looks… Gulp… Dumb.

I’m sure it’s a lot of fun and I’ve seen some tricks that almost make it look “cool” but… Not really.

I know it’s a dumb reason to not try it but I can’t get past it. I am willing to admit it so that’s at least the first step right?

So I vote no but don’t listen to me cause I don’t have a “good” reason.

Kendama is a one of the best skill toys out there! I used to be a hard core yoyoer but now all my time goes into Kendama!

I got over this at a really early age. and now life is good.

To be honest I first saw kendamas in real life in nats, and I didn’t think I will ever like it.
Fast forward one and a half years, Yomega made kendamas and they sent me one, well I did play it once in a while, but still the complete basics, and it was still uninteresting, it ended up collecting dust.
Then a few months ago my yoyo friends told me about a local guy who happen to sell kendamas, we jam together and then I got hooked up. In a matter of weeks, I sold a couple of my yoyos and bought four new kendamas, a yellow TK16, Ozora Keyaki, Green Ozora, and just yesterday I bought the pill.
Kendama is great once you went past the “it’s difficult yet it doesn’t look cool”.
Watch kendama edits, I recommend KendamaUSA Japan tour 2012, 2014, Colin Sanders practicing kendama, and KendamaUSA gloken musou tour as the starting point.

Hell yes! It makes you appreciate people’s tricks more once you have used one. Looks easy but this ain’t no joke!