Which one you like more? Why? Pros and Cons?

Well knowing this is a general yoyo forum, I say yoyos! Because yoyos allow for more creativity and stuff.

yoyos are easy. the tech of todays yoyos take most of the challenge out of it. Its enjoyable and flexible.

Kendama is hardcore. SUPER tough and grindy. but the payoff is massive. I feel better hitting a kendama trick ive been working on for a week over a yoyo trick ive been at for a couple hours before nailing.

its work - payoff.

yoyo is instant gratification.
kendama is delayed satisfaction.

Thats what i dont like about kendama…i am not playing MMORPG’s because grinding.Kendama seems sooooooooo fun and relaxing,but,to get to that point ,you need an enourmous skill.Till you develop all that skill…it takes years i guess?For some reason i love reading and answering Dust’s comments ,heh :slight_smile:

kendama is like flying RC helis. it takes a certain mind to click with it. no harm if it doesnt make you giggle :slight_smile: find that which does, and follow it.

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Ha ha… I remember when Justin Jee was only 4 yrs old and I was 3d’ing the Trex450.

Its not that it doesnt click in,its that what i do cant make me giggke.I did an around USA(big,small,base,spike,right?)once,but,what i am really into is things like boarders balance,lighthouse,UFO tap back,side spikes,and,more balance tricks.Sadly,i dont have th patience to learn all this ( neither the kendama,ill order a new one together with my augst 4th order-gettin all em clyws except tundra-i dont really like TI) I wanna get a usa Pro model (Dream kendama,i really like brown wood ) or a kaizen,thougts?

Kendama sucks.
Yoyo sucks too.
Rc sucks too.
Chess is the best.
That’s why I don’t play chess, because it doesn’t suck.

Around USA is Small cup-spike-earth turn>big cup-spike-earth turn>base cup-spike-earth turn. What you did was called Around the World. :slight_smile:

You say you dont have the patience for this, i ask, what are you in a hurry for? :wink:

What? I am confused…

Also are you on

Oh Dust,im 14 years old,i think that speaks for itself!But im in hurry for yoyoing :smiley:

I was surprised when I first went to our local yoyo club meeting at how many Kendama players there were. Also, I was surprised at how good the yoyo players were at Kendama. We’ve actually changed the name of our Yolex Yoyo Club to the “Yolex Skill Club” to be more inclusive of a range of skill toys.

I play both, but every new move with Kendama is seriously hard. This may be because you can “ramp up” your yoyo skills by learning the trapeze, then a lindy loop, then an oliver twist and so on. With Kendama just doing a basic spike is like starting your yoyo career by learning Black Hops.

What’s better? There’s no answer to that. How do you define “better”? What’s more fun to you. I like both.

Well… since this is and this is the general Yoyo discussion section and it’s the only section I post in; I am guessing I might like yoyos better.

There is a specific Kendama section that gets a new post at least once every 2 or 3 weeks.

Kendamas are fun but would you go to a vegan restaurant to talk about cheeseburgers?

Neither is better. They are different and both are fun. Difficult is a combination of personal abilities and mental capacity.

Both skill toys can be very difficult.

…cheeseburger, no onions, add pickle. :nerd_face:

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The facebook kendama community is way more active than here as is the facebook yoyo community. Sign of the times? ???

I still think that yoyoing community is bigger than kendama, at least looking at the club activity in my country. I mean, most people know yoyos, but kendamas are rather new.

Now ,even tho you made me understand i posted in the wrong section (whops) you also made me want a cheeseburger,but,with onions.I dont expect yoyos to be known in the kendama community,because,they will have the ideea that only 100$ + yoyos can do what they see in videos,and,parents dont give them money.

I’m seriously hoping what you just said, somehow makes more sense if you explained it in Romanian.

Because I lost my Forrest Gump decoder ring.

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At our club almost everyone does both. But I live near Sacramento and I’ve heard that Sacramento is a “hub” of Kendama activity. Not sure why that would be or if it’s even true.

I like both, but, like others, I believe kendama has a steeper learning curve. Maybe the reason I like kendama is for the challenge, the same reason I like fixed axle yoyo. Both are fun, neither is better than the other, both are definitely skill toys.

In the northeast, we have people who are very good at both yoyo and kendama. When I go to New York Yoyo Club, there are usually some ‘kendama guys’ who seem to do the impossible. There are also some yoyo players who seem to do the impossible. The similarity between both are they are living the YYE slogan “Make the simple amazing.” They have put in their time practicing/playing and they make whatever trick look amazing.