Should i Kendama AND yoyo

I have been yoyoing for about seven months and im learning some more advanced tricks. But kendama is getting really popular and a lot of other kids are doing.And it looks really fun.Should i try and do both or just focus on yoyoing?

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you can totally do it

go for it!

You don’t need an expensive kendama either, I traded two magic yoyo’s for mine, it just sits on my desk now, my friends who don’t yoyo play it all the time though.

Thank you all so much! It really helps! :slight_smile:

I do yoyo and kendama, some of the skill are interchangeable, meaning if you already yoyo I think you will learn kendama a little better than people who have no basics in any skill toy.
I think the pill feels somewhat closer to yoyo than kendama though…

I do both and I love it!

@Rizki, heyyy so nice to see someone from FKC here. What’s up?

For me, i’ve been yoyoing casually for a good 16 years now, and also play the dama.
Both, i believe are mutually intertwined (also true with yoyos and spintops) and each discipline helps to improve the other.
Kentaro Mannen (JPN) and Charles Haycock (CAN) are some good examples of people who excel in both damas and yoyos.

@azrin yo