Is Kendama fun?

Compared to yo-yoing, would you say Kendama is equally as fun or is it more like meh it’s alright? :slight_smile:

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the learning curve is nearly vertical but the pay off is enormous. It seems impossible, limiting, and too simple but youll find all three of these ideas to be incorrect.

Its not for everyone, but its right at home in between my yoyos and begleri.

Depends on what you like about yoyoing.
If your idea of what you like yoyoing is the attention you gain from it, than no kendama will probably not gain as much attention.
Otherwise it is a skill-toy and is only limited in fun, and advancement by your creativity.

If you like spending hours to achieve consistency, and like those small moments when you finally land a trick, then Kendama is for you. I am not a precise person, but I still find kendama pretty fun, in moderation. Its sort of like 2a yoyoing in that you spend more time perfecting tricks to be able to be consistent then learning new tricks, although there are plenty of new tricks to learn as well. I would give it a try, maybe get one of those catchy plastic kendamas that you could pass on to someone else or sell, as it won’t get chipped and cratered like the face of the moon.

I find Kendama fun, challenging as all get out, but still fun. I think Throwto100 nailed it with the comparison to 2A. For me, Kendama is more about enjoying the journey than wanting to rush to the destination.

yes its amazing at first before i got a kendama i though they were lame but then i finally got one and still as a beginner i love it