Is it just me

Is it just me,or…kendama limits imagination?

It’s you

Its you. I thought so at first as well, thought it was very limiting and confining. Now that ive spent a year with em off an on, there is SO much that can be done its hard to remember it all! For real though the difficulty of Kendama is very high but the payoff/reward is surpreme. I still prefer yoyo most of the time but I did get a jumbo one recently thats been so much fun!

Well,guess ill stick to yoyoing,still seems more creative to me :smiley: I guess kendama is too hard for me :smiley:

kendama is SOOO hard dude, make no mistake. Im totally a yoyo guy but i cant help but toss the 'dama around from time to time. makes me knees feel good and used again! :smiley: